Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mommy, I'm scared

So I am addicted to (listening to it right now!). If you haven't discovered this gem you have to jump over to this site and type in your favorite artist or song for a personalized, FREE radio station. It is great! My favorite "station" right now is "Sara Groves" radio. She is a Christian artist with a natural sound.

With that said, the music was streaming at dinner (over the chaos; when my husband works nights I think listening to music gives me a sense of not being alone with three preschoolers.) A song titled It is Well by Jeremy Camp came on. It is an old hymn that he has redone but it just blesses me. There is one part that talks about Jesus' return. I said to my kids, "This song is talking about when Jesus comes back." My 4 yr. old said, "Come back where?" "To earth," I said. (Side note: I have a Masters in Divinity and my nerdy side loves to sit and talk theology....but it just doesn't work that well with a 4 yr. old!)

The conversation continues, "Why will He come back to earth," she innocently asks her mother who hasn't talked to many adults all day and needs some intellectual conversation. "He will return to bring all who love Him to heaven," I said as I held back a Calvinistic debate. "How will we know He is back?" "Well, the Bible says that there will be heavenly trumpets that sound and then Jesus will meet us all in the sky," I say, "Do you know how a trumpet sounds?" Hailey and Bryson then blow their imaginary trumpets. "How will we get in the sky?" she asks. "I guess we will have new bodies that somehow fly." Silence falls across the dinner table...this is a rare occasion. Hailey looks up at me with her big brown eyes, "Mommy, I'm scared." "Oh baby don't be scared, mommy is with you. And when it does happen daddy and mimi and pawpaw will all be there too. You won't be alone." "Mommy, I'm scared." Then Bryson, the 2 yr old says, "I sared." At this point I can't help but laugh. "Guys, there is nothing to be scared of." "I don't want to fly," says Hailey. "God knows you perfectly," I say, "Maybe He will send you a helicopter." "I'm scared. I'm scared." "I sared. I sared. Fly. No. Fly. No." "OK, OK, everyone calm down. There will be no flying tonight, we are going to just go take a bath. Is everyone ready for a bath? How about some ice cream?"

I think I will hold off on more end time conversations.

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Beth said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has scared their child with the whole concept of heaven. Here we are worried about whether or not our blanket will make it to heaven also!

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