Friday, December 31, 2010

leaving regrets at the throne

Leave any 2010 regrets at the throne. Tomorrow is a new year, a fresh start. Let's press into the One who made us, sustains us, protects us, heals us, and loves us relentlessly.

Blessings to you and yours!

Bringing it home...

What are your hopes and prayers for the coming year?

Daniel Fast-ers...

If you are beginning the year with a spiritual fast, then here are two quick things to think about before we turn to the January calendar tomorrow.

  • Determine your purpose. Remember, fasting is NOT dieting. Fasting is abstaining from foods with a spiritual purpose. Get alone with the Lord and ask Him for wisdom. Then write down your purpose(s).

  • Plan some meals. If you are joining me on the Daniel fast, then check out this website for some tips on foods to eat and foods to avoid.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

actually believing

It does not matter what it is, if He calls us to something--anything--then we can believe Him to both equip us and bless us as we take those faith-steps towards obedience.

Friends, we have an active, moving, powerful, unique, mighty, unwavering God. He filled His Word with accounts of how He works in the lives of those who believe Him.

I don't know what He is calling you towards in this coming year, but He thinks good thoughts towards you--thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Let's get into His Word allowing it to simmer in our hearts. Then, let's be radical followers who actually believe what He says. Who run the race of faith with endurance. No other life of victory exists on this planet.

I honestly love and pray for you, friend. Thanks for doing this life-thing beside me.

Bringing it home...

To what is He calling you in this coming year? Are you standing on the sidelines, walking, or running towards His call?

And if (only if) He is leading you towards beginning 2011 with the Daniel fast, then I would love to hear from you personally.

Please email me at so we can encourage one another on the journey. Faith begets faith.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the "why" from the Word

I like to be liked. I do. So posts like yesterday's post make me a little uncomfortable as I enter into the realm of "odd." In fact I ended my evening last night by asking my man if he thought I was odd. He lovingly said "yes."

So here I am. The odd girl who is about to partake of a 40-day Daniel fast. Trying to lay down the world's approval and settle back in to that audience of One.

Today I want to tell you more about what He showed me from the book of Daniel as I sought him about this crazy fasting thing. Quite a bit fell from the pages, so I am going to bullet-list it for simplicity sake.

  • Daniel 1:8-9, Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's delicacies. And God brought him into the favor of those ruling over him.

    Granted, we do not serve a king in this country, but Daniel's heart goal is what draws me--not to be defiled, stained, or polluted by the world. God then blessed him and brought him into the favor of those over him.

    On this side of Christ, we are under grace. Food itself does not defile. But our world is defiled. And one way to set ourselves apart from this world is to abstain from some of its delicacies. In this case, for me, I'm following Daniel's lead and setting aside certain food and drink.

  • Daniel 1:11-16, Daniel and his three friends asked the steward over them if they could simply eat vegetables and drink water rather than partake of the king's rich foods and drink. The steward agreed to a 10-day trial. After 10 days they appeared better than all the other men who had eaten of the king's foods. So he took away their king's portions and gave them only vegetables. It appears they did this for at least the three years of king's training that they were under (see 1:5).

    The word translated "vegetables" actually means "something sown." This is what I call "God-foods." Foods grown from the ground, free of manipulation. In my personal fast I will limit myself to eating those things that grow from the ground--fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts. God-foods.

  • Daniel 1:17-21, God blessed their setting apart. He gave them knowledge and skill and understanding so that they were 10 times "better" than all who served before the king.

    I'm not trying to be some wise-guru of sorts, but wow. I want my King to find me worthy of His best. Worthy of a taste of His knowledge and understanding. It appears that setting ourselves apart from the world at large sets us up for His pouring out, both for our good and for the glory due His name.

  • Daniel 10, just read the entire chapter. It is now approximately 60 years later. 60 years! Daniel sets out again, humbling himself before the Lord and seeking understanding. For three full weeks he eats the same way that he ate in chapter one while communing with God in prayer. And he was visited by an angelic being with a heavenly message.

    OK, so I am not expecting to be visited by an angel. I am certain I would completely freak out. But the thing that hit me here is that God moved towards Daniel as he set himself towards prayer. He communed with the God of the universe, humbling himself and seeking understanding, and the Most High responded. That. is. amazing.

  • Daniel 10:12-14, This is where it gets crazy. The "angel" explains that on the first day that Daniel began praying during his fast, this angel was sent. But that the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood him for 21 days. So Michael, one of God's chief princes, came to help him get past.

    Did you catch that?! Daniel set himself apart to humble himself and pray for understanding and an angel was sent to him. BUT, the angel had to war in the heavenly realm against evil forces of darkness. Take a breath.

    Is this not crazy?! Paul tells us of these principalities of darkness in Ephesians 6 but to think that our prayers can call down heavenly beings to war against those strongholds kinda blows me away.

So those are some things that He showed me from His word. A time of humbling, a time of setting apart from the world at large, a time of seeking His face and His understanding, a time of warring against strongholds. All for His ultimate glory and, graciously, for our good.

Bringing it home...

What thoughts does this text stir up for you personally?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

back to routine

Wow. I missed you! I missed tapping away on this computer while praying that He would overwhelm us in this little space. So, hi friend! I hope your Christmas was beautiful and that the birth of our Savior tasted sweeter this year than ever before.

My aim this week is to get back into routine, with pine needles still covering the living room carpet and snow stacked outside our doors (which equals kids at new levels of hyper). So come back tomorrow. I am going to be telling you about something very exciting!

Until then remember Who reigns in love, mercy, justice, and power. He has not forgotten or forsaken you, my friend. Believe Him faithful.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

a blog fast

I am fasting from blogging this week (though I need to be fasting from those yummy Christmas treats). And I am going to miss you guys!

I mean, really miss you!

This blog has never been a burden to me. God has called and faithfully equips me. So I can honestly say that this place is a complete blessing.

You are a blessing!

But I feel led to a moment of silence in this space. A few days to focus in on the coming celebration of our Savior when we rejoice over His stepping into time.

So until next week {sniff, sniff}, "Merry Christmas, from our family to yours."

Bringing it home...

How about you? Is He prompting you to sit something down this week that your hands may be more free to partake of His glorious coming?

I would love to hear!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

bound by His promises

It's so tempting. Something "unexpected" crosses my path and I'm tempted to question His reign. Or His love. Or His power. Or something.

When my eyes settle in on this physical world or the circumstances that enter my days, fear comes knocking. And without any real conscious effort, I'm there. I'm using what I see as the measure of Truth.

But He makes something very clear. The Lord God reigns above and beyond the day's happenings. He sits secure on His throne and remains faithful to shepherd His children. Always.

Our victory comes when we believe Him faithful.

The King of the earth is not at the mercy of those who declare laws from an earthly courtroom. The doctor's report does not bind our Lord with chains. He does not say "oops" or "I wasn't expecting that." The enemy can only go as far as He allows.

So stand firm, my friend, allowing His Truth to invade our moments.

There is One who ultimately reigns.

And He is only bound by His promises.

Bringing it home...

What circumstance tempts you to doubt God's sovereign rule today?

What causes you to question His immeasurable love and His mighty power?

There are some excruciating things in this world. Excruciating. But hope arises when we allow His Truth to invade our moments. Nothing can separate us from His love.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

quenching that parched land

Shutting Him out of the moments comes natural. The loud from our world drowns out the conversation. Things fly into our day without warning and we stand there holding hurt feelings or bad attitudes...or muddy shoes that just trailed onto the clean floor.

Then, conversation with Him fades.

by kfocus

Reacting to that fluctuating heart or that minute-hand quickly making its way around the clock comes easy. Reacting in fear or fluster or fatigue simply flows without effort.

But breathing Him in means purposeful living. The waves of Truth begin crashing again as we push His name out of our lips, even when something within us insists we keep quiet.


Maybe it's a whisper spoken in soft desperation or a shout insisting that He show up, but's conversation beginning yet again.

He created us to be in communion.

We need it to live. Like water to a parched earth.

And He looks His daughter in the eyes when she speaks, giving full attention to her precious heart. Then He meets us there. In that very moment. Quenching. Refreshing.

Bringing it home...

How can we practically bring Him into our moments today?

From the Thursday mundane to the life-altering monumental, keeping the conversation going.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

start afresh today

Wherever our feet stepped yesterday, whatever heart-attitude stole our moments, today is a new day. This day.

Covered in the fresh mercies of our Lord.

He promises to forgive us and cleanse us from all the mess-ups that we confess. From shortness with our spouse to major breaches in confidences, He washes clean.

How thankful that makes me. Though a speck of dust, I am beloved of my Maker. And so are you. His patience and loving kindness overwhelms.

Bringing it home...

Do you have anything that needs confessing?

First talk with Him, then ask forgiveness from anyone else that may have been hurt.

Clear the slate. Start afresh. Today is a new day.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

circle and star the day



Prayer vigil scheduled in Greensboro, NC, Westover Church, 6:30-7:30, on 1.11.11.

Would love to see you there



A date to mark on our calendars.

A date for our hearts to pause,

our knees to hit the ground,

and our lips to speak for the speechless.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

In preparation, I am personally partnering with Abolition!
for a month of focused prayer.

The statistics are horrific and the task humanly impossible, but we serve the God who reigns supreme. These are spiritual battles--evil strongholds--and we must raise weapons mighty in Him for these chains of bondage to crumble.

The God who parted the seas and tore down city walls, did so when His people marched forward by faith.

By. Faith.

Would you join us in believing Him for the victory?

Would you ask Him how He wants to use your hands and feet
in this battle against injustice?

Would you stand with us with wartime mentality
to abolish this travesty of our day?

You. can. make. a. difference.

  • Be informed. Read. Surf the web. Discover. Start at Abolition!.

  • Find local agencies serving out of your own city and contact them. Ask them how you can help. They need workers. The fields are ripe for harvest.

  • Give time and resources (and cash).

  • Tell others. How will they know unless we speak?

  • PRAY! Pray. Cry out for those who have no voice. He hears the prayers of His children. And He responds.

He uses us to bring His glorious Light into the dark corners of our world.

Link up below if you grabbed a button and posted it on your own blog or website.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

winter wonder slam

My man and I joined some friends last night for the Winter Wonder Slam tour featuring Toby Mac, Skillet, and Shonlock. Wow. Not only was the worship amazing, but the entertainment factor blew me away. Fun times.

{Here is where I would insert
a picture of us at the concert
if I could figure out how to
upload photos from my phone

So today, I press through with lack of sleep.

Enjoy some clips...(from You Tube, not my phone).

Click here if you have trouble viewing.

Click here if you have trouble viewing.

Click here if you have trouble viewing.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

discipline from a heart of love

It started with a mom who dedicated her son to the Lord. A mom. And the Lord held him close, bringing to pass all the words that fell from his mouth. (See 1 Samuel 1-3) I want that.

I'm an optimist. I like to find the silver lining on that grey cloud pouring treacherous rains. But parenting is hard! Plain and simple. (And we aren't even close to the teenage years!) Some moments it's near impossible to see through the downpour of whines and disobedience. Often coming from my own wayward heart!

graphic by pritisha

But I want my kids to love the Lord. I desire that they run fast after Him. I long for them to follow His will and ways rather than chasing their fleshly whims (which could easily lead them to prison).

Then I read of Samuel, a boy dedicated to the Father by his mom, who grew in faithfulness in the midst of a dark culture. Not only that, we see him juxtaposed next to Eli's sons. Yikes. Talk about a holy fear settling in.

Here's the bottom line. God's judgment upon Eli's rebellious boys was founded upon Eli's lack of restraint. Let me rephrase.

Eli's lack of discipline with his sons
eventually led to the Father's severe judgment.

"I (the Lord) have sworn to the house of Eli that the iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever." 1 Samuel 3:14

Wow. That was no time-out on the steps for poor behavior. We're talking severe smiting action.

Discipline does not always feel nice. And I like nice. I can easily come up under a weight of mommy-guilt after having to discipline my child for the 489th time over the same offense.

But our kids need firm, consistent restraint. They crave it. Behind the insistent "no!" (said with a lip sticking out and brow frowned low), they want it. They flounder into the deception of self without it.

I fail--alot--on this discipline thing. I can get too emotional, be too sensitive, or react in the heat of the moment. But He remembers we are desperate for His guidance. He wipes the slate clean. And He honors the heart desiring to dedicate our children to Him.

Keep on, my parent-friend. You are not alone.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

purposeful chains

Paul was imprisoned. Chained. His physical freedom stolen because he preached Christ. Yet he donned eternal glasses and rested secure in his Father's faithful hands. And he rejoiced.

"I want you to know, brethren,
that the things which happened to me
have actually turned out
for the furtherance of the gospel."
Philippians 1:12

He saw purpose in his chains. His chains were not arbitrary. His chains were not accidental. He had not for a moment fallen off of the radar of God's love, provision, and care. The chains were part of the furtherance of the gospel.

And joy erupted.

If we are His--inscribed on the palm of His hand through the blood of Christ--then nothing can enter our lives without ultimately being for our good and for His glory. Nothing. Even rusty, cold, lonely chains.

There are tough things in this fallen world, where evil taps on the doors of our homes, steals childhood innocence, imprisons the righteous, and breaks hearts with dreams crushed.

Standing firm on the revealed and proven character of our God gives us the foundation where hope can be awakened even chains hold tight to our wrists.

What has happened to me
has actually turned out
for the furtherance of His name...

Bringing it home...

Are you in the midst of circumstance that feels like you are chained?

How can the Truth of God's sovereign hands cause a glimmer of hope and joy to spark regardless?

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Monday, December 6, 2010

battle plan against hoplessness

Hopelessness over a thing can weigh heavy. I recently battled it in my own spirit.

Awaiting the fulfillment of a promise, falling into that same old place of sin, or getting bogged down with regret over a should've or could've--all leads to that heavy hopeless.

Thankfully He remembers that we are a dusty people. Originally crafted from dirt.

photo by ymmit22

When hopeless enters, the enemy attacks. When he sees the tears of impatience welling up, he whispers lies that insist upon our being forsaken.

Deceiving with a banter of hopelessness.

But here we have choice. Hope arises on the wings of Truth. We choose to remember the character of our God, His faithfulness in the past, and His unfailing promises. And we recite those things out-loud.

Remember. Out-loud.

My kids know when mommy needs a minute because I start preaching out-loud. When I need Truth to invade those spaces being pressed with lies, I sneak into the laundry room and hold revival.

If hopelessness weighs down, choose to remember our God--out-loud--and believe Him faithful to move again and again and again. Hope will rise.

Bringing it home...

Are you hopeless over a thing?

What character traits of our God or promises from His heart can you proclaim out-loud so that hope will rise?

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Friday, December 3, 2010

keeping the sacred in the season

photo by pixiechin

Do you feel the pull?

The pressure to mingle the holiness of the Advent season with all the trends of our world lingers in the pine air. It starts knocking loud at my door as Christmas draws near. But ever-so-slowly, I am starting to ignore its beckoning.

I just get tired. The insistence of lists and lines and more stuff to clutter our closets. Something deep inside desires to lay down the madness and simply breathe in the stillness of that quiet morn when the Light entered into the darkness...and set things aflame.

Take two minutes and 39 seconds to watch this video about the

Advent Conspiracy.

No more of my words are needed.

Click here for a direct link if you have trouble viewing the video.

Bringing it home...

How about you? What do you do to keep this season sacred?

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

my near collision with the ground

by jotusico

I about bit the dust in the grocery store yesterday. With a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a box of Life cereal in the other, I took eight steps in slow motion while flailing to prevent my teeth from meeting with the floor. It was movie-quality drama mixed with gymnastic brilliance. Miraculously I never fully fell.

OK, I admit it. Those so-cute boots instigated the event. The heel is only an inch tall but the soles are as slick as ice. Did I mention how cute the boots are? In the matter of seconds, material was captured on the hidden cameras that could win someone millions.

When I reached the end of the aisle, I limped to the cashier while swiping my hair from my eyes and straightening my clothes. And by the time I made it to the parking lot, the laughter overtook me. It was hilarious.

Unfortunately by late afternoon the pain set in and by dinner I couldn't even walk. In fact I have been crawling.


I stopped. I had to. I left the laundry sitting patiently in the dryer. My man ordered pizza. And my foot stayed elevated.

My kids were precious. The doctored me, cuddled with me, brought me my plate, and snuggled on the floor before bedtime. They even had sympathy pains and practiced their hopping on one foot.

And (you know me) I cannot help but hold this instance up next to the Truth of my God.

Obviously He allowed it. He doesn't say "oops" or "oh, man, how did that happen?" He didn't push me down, but the movement of my feet were not outside of His realm of control.

He is God.

He is sovereign,



and motivated by love.

I actually think He held me up so my face didn't break against the concrete.

So if He allowed it, then I believe there is something I can learn from this slowing down. Something that is for my good and His ultimate glory.

I want Him to invade my every moment. I want Him to change my perspective based upon His unchanging character.

So. I choose to trust and rejoice in today, even if I have to walk on my knees to get where I need to go. Even if I will be in the doctor's office by 9 a.m. to get an x-ray.

(Oh, and, all this looking at my feet makes me see how desperate I am for a pedicure. Maybe later.)

Bringing it home...

I know this ankle-thing is a trite example compared to some of the life and death, heart-excruciating pains we go through on this earth. But regardless, God remains the same.

How could meditating on the character of our God change your perspective regarding a certain situation you currently face?

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

his new do

We did it. We shaved his head. Not because gum or silly putty stuck tight. Not because military school was our next step (at least not yet). He just kept asking.

So we did it.

For the past two months or so I would catch him in the bathroom with his head under the sink, wetting his hair so he could comb it back "flat-like." He didn't want it so "fluffy," he would say.

It is one of those things. When you allow your child to do something they want to do, even if you would choose differently. Even if you love their curls.

While the clippers buzzed I pulled for a Mohawk. (Like a Shaun Groves kind-of-look. Not the thuggish-in-need-of-a-good-whippin' kind-of-look.) But in spite of my excitement and gel promises, my boy rejected the idea.

So here he is. The before...

And the after...

I drew the line when my little guy asked to be next. I'm just not ready to part with his soft, black strands. He seemed OK with that.

Bringing it home...

How about you? What have you allowed your kids to do while biting your tongue?

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Monday, November 29, 2010

the deep waters of love

This weekend I caught up on some blog reading. When I read the words of a certain sister-friend, they did something to me. Kat from "Inspired to Action" spoke of the relentless love of Father-God. And it infused hope and joy. She says...

"Because God has whispered in my heart that maybe you’ve forgotten you’re wonderful. Maybe you’ve forgotten you are undeniably and incomprehensibly loved.

Right where you are. In the cold, dark filth of your worst places. In all His dignity, purity and goodness, He wants to bellyflop right in, pick you up and gently hold you fiercely

Tell me that's not a beautiful depiction. The image of the Most High diving right in to all there is of me--all my junk, all my despair, all my failures, all my mess--and holding me fiercely. Lavishing His love.

Then I thought further. He does that for all His children. Even those that I might struggle to lavish. He whispers to them words of acceptance and adoration through Christ. He meets them exactly where they are and pours out His love. Perfectly. All while I might be pondering criticisms or frustrations.


How I desire to love like that. To meet others in the midst of their process and just love. Dare to love. Without strings or demands or expectations. Diving in deep, leaving any rights on the shore.

All for the glory due His name and the freedom of my soul.

Love through me, LORD.

Bringing it home...

How can we dare to love others exactly where they are in their journey while laying down our own rights or expectations?

In turn, how does it free our own souls?

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

superficial saturday

Can I get a minute for superficiality?

Black Friday. One stop. 5 p.m. One pair of shoes. $4. Nice.

Oh, did I mention it was Goodwill? (Another story.)

What was your favorite find?

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanks to Him

Thanking Him...

for Him and His gracious revelation.

for those I get to love and those who pour themselves into me.

for His constant provision and relentless grace.

for yummy food and the smell of my mama's home.

{All arising in my heart while
on the tip of my tongue is intercession
for those who simply need water or a bowl of food or the word of salvation.
In the abundance You have blessed me, use me to be a blessing.}

Now, let's celebrate with shouts of joy and pumpkin pie!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

prepping to be a blessing

Here it comes. A time of feasting upon all of our favorite comfort foods spread clear across the kitchen counter tops. YUM! Friends and family bring their famous rolls and pumpkin pies. And we gather around the table, all in the name of thanks.

But let's be honest. Often, these holidays bring with them stress and distraction and personality differences. Old wounds can arise. New conflicts can erupt. And we are tempted to sit there with a bad attitude and a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

So I want to prepare my heart to be purposeful. It is easy to float through the times we have with those closest to us without any real direction. It's just me and my scars living and reacting. And though that may come naturally, I want more. I want to be a blessing.

Each conversation holds with it the opportunity to encourage or build-up another. So as I prepare my uncle's favorite broccoli salad, I also want to prepare my heart to bless and to serve. To move in love, rather than demanding that my supposed rights be met.

A time of thanks.

A time to be a blessing.

Bringing it home...

How can we tangibly prepare our hearts and minds to be a blessing?

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a new journey

Excitement and terror mix together into a heart-glob as I set out on this new adventure. I am joining some other inspired souls to memorize the book of Philippians. Not a typo. The entire book. All 104 verses of it. Yikes.

Katie Orr over at Do Not Depart set the challenge out there last week and I took the bait. As of yesterday, the journey began.

Excitement stirs because I know the power of His Word. We live in the midst of a spiritual war. Have you felt it? The Word is defined as our sword in this daily battle for the freedom His Son died to give.

Unless we engage the battle,
we will be taken prisoner

Memorizing, meditating, and marinating in the Word of God enables us to lift the Sword and take what is rightfully ours in Christ. Peace in the storm. Joy from the ashes. Love regardless.

Excitement stirs.

But terror simmers because my brain cells have progressively jumped ship with the birth of each child. When caught off guard, the clock ticks by as I try to recall each of their birthdays. Oh and don't even ask me their birth weights. I'm telling you. I have issues.

This task is beyond my human capabilities. It will only be completed in the power of His might. And I believe He will be faithful as I offer myself to Him.

The plan is to learn five-ish verses each week which puts us finishing up in April. So I ask,

do you want to join the journey?

Come on, sister-friend. Let's do this crazy thing.

Bringing it home...

How have you personally seen the Word be your Sword in this daily battle we call life?

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Friday, November 19, 2010

one. in a billion

Sometimes I feel like just one in a billion.



Just one in a sea of masses.

Then I hear that voice. The One of Him who designed me, and you. And He says that He knit me together. That He purposed my days. That He called me by name. And that He knows the very hairs upon my head. Even the number of grey strands that I try to hide.

He has placed us here, in this generation, in this season of life, in this sphere of influence on purpose. Uniquely created and supernaturally equipped to fulfill His call. To bring glory to His name.

When the lies of insignificance stand up as if they own the place, He reminds, "Sweet daughter, you are Mine. And I am King."

He speaks the same to you, sister-friend. Walk with courage.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

just love him

I speak the words and before they fully mingle with the air, I know it's Him.

Speaking to me.

I urge my little ones to love. "Just love him," I say, "Just love her." As if loving someone so starkly different from you is easy. As if loving someone who tears up your things or hurts your tender heart comes naturally.

And I know it's Him speaking to me.

Prompting me to love.

In watching these little souls from the sidelines--these that I steer and train--everything makes sense. Yes, she can be emotional. Yes, he tends to act before he thinks. But, love.

Love this one placed next to you in life. Choose to love him regardless. Life is too short to waste it on demands or rights. Just lavish her moments with unwavering, undeserved love.

You will be blessed and freed.

Love is patient, kind, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs, believes, endures, never fails. How? Why? Because true love finds its source in The Love.

Our Lord portrayed true love while being nailed to a cross for those reviling His name. He died to self. He laid down his rights to be gloried. And He placed all pleasure in the intimacy He enjoyed with the Father.

His identity, secure.

His purpose, steadfast.

Love then flowed out a crimson red.

Just love him. Just love her. Just love.

Bringing it home...

Are you being called to love someone who makes it difficult?

How can we practically love when emotions tempt us otherwise?

We will never more clearly reflect our Lord than when we truly love--truly love--those who are not so lovely.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

letting go

It's constant.

Life. Lists. Messes. Unpredictability.

But He keeps prodding me towards something.

Towards letting go.

Letting go of expectation or agenda or control, and choosing to live fully engaged in the now. Even the messy now. Not wishing for tomorrow or pining for a better, but this moment. Embraced.

Even when the toilet paper lays in a wadded pile on my bathroom floor for three days... Or when the enthusiasm of my dreams wants to wane with each passing hour. Or the fog blinds my path so thick that I grasp for His hand and walk each shaky step by faith.

This moment. Embraced for what it is. A chance to reflect, praise, honor, and love. Him.

Bringing it home...

How is He challenging you to let go these days?


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Monday, November 15, 2010

blessed are those who weep

"blessed are those who mourn (over sin and suffering)
for they shall be comforted."
Matthew 5:4

I look around and am tempted to believe failure. Piles that need tending. Laundry that needs folding. Dishes that need washing. Floors that need sweeping.

People that need loving.

I need loving.

I entertain thoughts of insignificance and tears drip. So I seek the Comforter. I ask His opinion. I invite Him in with a vulnerable glance upward, like a child seeking her daddy's validation.

And He reaches down. Tender.

He says I'm His. Precious. Loved. Purposed. Beautiful. A symphony of notes that He wrote.

He wipes my eyes and lifts my chin. He brushes the hair from my face and breathes life and hope and Truth.

The sheets still sit in the basket. The week's artwork still waits on the counter. Waiting for another day. But He lifts this wayward heart out of the mire. And I praise.

Bringing it home...

We all have times when discouragement and depravity settles down heavy. But I want to only give my minutes or hours to those times rather than my days or weeks or years.

Comfort comes as we bring those emotions to His feet--honest and raw. Allowing His Word to wash over those severed places. Allowing His Spirit to minister with the healing balm of Truth.

Do you need to get alone with your Father and be real? Don't let another day pass.

What Truth does He give to comfort you?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

passing the torch

My name will vanish from this earth. In a thousand years, it will be forgotten. Forgotten by man, that is. My accomplishments and writings and words will have faded with time, like an old newspaper that turns to brittle dust.

But He will still be Lord.

His name remains above all names. The forever King. His throne stands established and vibrant. His crown shimmering in His glory. His robe dipped in sacrificial blood. Solid. Sure. Unending.

With one hand we grasp the torch of faith from the previous generation, while the other hand passes it to the next. All with one purpose. To be witnesses of the Maker, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Friend.

Our time is but a flicker. A blink. But our call is straightforward. Love. Love Him and love others. Be filled by Him that we can spill Him out.

Not to be famous, but to make His name famous. Not to desire praise, but to give it relentlessly to Him. Of Him. Not to insist upon rights, but to lay them all down and take up our cross.

He will always be the bread and water that fills our hunger and thirst. Eternal.

Bringing it home...

How can we stir up a passionate faith today? In our daily moments?

How can we practically pass the torch of faith to those that cross our paths?

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

believing lies {a jam}

It's a very catchy tune with a sobering message. My man and I just recently discovered The Arrows--a South African Christian girl band.

And in light of yesterday's post on the reality of depravity and God's reconciling love, this song seemed an appropriate follow-up.

We find ourselves enslaved to sin
because we believe the enemy's lies

Entitled, "In the Words of Satan"... Not for the faint-hearted.

(You can click here if you have trouble viewing the embedded video below.)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a reconciling love

So much depravity surrounds us. We drip. It's everywhere. We cannot escape it. We cannot deny it. Pastors. Leaders. Teachers. Parents. Spouses. Fallen into pits of consequential sin.

The news proclaims it and pulls on my curiosity. The magazines print it, enticing my eyes to linger. Linger on lies and hurt and brokenness. We whisper and point and blog. Yet only by His grace, it is not me. Not today, anyway...

To read my entire post
follow the link to "Do Not Depart"
where I am hanging out today.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

celebrating the Bling

"The Jones'." The unwelcomed desire to keep up with them humbles me.

Yesterday I waited in line at my daughter's school behind a beautiful Lexus SUV. My mind wandered. The paint was a gorgeous pearly white and the windows clear of fingerprints. I assume the seats were leather and the floors free of cracker crumbs. But that is my colorful, covetous imagination. I admit that I sighed.

Then there was me. Granted I am SO blessed to have a vehicle. It is a completely paid for, 207,000 mile Toyota. I personally think it is anointed.

True, the sliding door handle does not work. So the inside door panel waits patiently in our garage, leaving an interior view of the door mechanisms. And yes, the back window is held shut with a small bungee cord. But this van rocks. That's why I named it the "Blue Bling."

But I had a brief moment where envy tempted my soul. And I was humbled.

We learn contentment in the school of thankfulness.

As the perfect competition drove away, life continued in our own little Blue Bling world. And thanksgiving eventually made its way to my lips.

The Bling sees it all. We dance here, fuss here, see sites from its windows. We pray and discuss...and use the portable potty. In many ways it's part of the family. And Lord, I truly am ever-grateful.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

(not) trigger happy

I clinch my jaw. Tight. It's how I know I need a moment to simply breathe. Alone. Counting to 10. And preaching Truth to myself. Otherwise, I will be apologizing to somebody.

I am learning my triggers. We all have them. Things or situations (or hormones!) that tempt our old selfish nature to stand up and seize control. My clinched jaw warns me of my wayward heart.

Triggers come in all shapes and sizes. Two of my own? The clock and the mess. I know. How trivial.

When I have to race the clock to get myself and three kids dressed, fed, and in the car...with a touch of joy, my jaw clinches. Or when I scan our home to find toys covering nearly every square inch of the floor and dishes lining the counter tops, all while tripping on stray shoes in the hallway and brushing crumbs off of my bare feet, my jaw clinches.


This is going to sound so "churchy," so strange to some, but we are in the midst of an all-out spiritual battle. I told you. It's wild. But if we fail to recognize its reality, we will live our days in defeat.

The enemy is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy. He cannot steal our identity in Christ as children of the King. But he purposefully aims to destroy our witness and obliterate our experience of the promised peace.

And here's the thing, he knows our triggers. He knows those things that set us off--that push us to the edge where attitudes can get ugly. If we float through our moments without awareness of the war, we will be taken prisoner.

Living enslaved to the flesh and its reactionary schizophrenia is not life. It's bondage. In Him we are set free from the power of sin. We are not at the mercy of the trigger. He declares us to be overcomers and conquerors.

But we must engage the battle.

Our offensive weapon is His Word. I know. It's crazy, possibly foreign to some. But His Word must linger on our tongues. It is the sword to slay the one vying for our brief days. It is lifted by faith and swung in the strength of His indwelling Spirit.

Sister-friend, stand firm. Walk this day on purpose. Make those triggers bow in defeat.

Bringing it home... (a new section on practicalities)

What are your flesh-triggers?
If you haven't yet figured that out, then just ask the One who knows you perfectly to reveal, maybe even through a clinched jaw.

How can we be victors when the triggers come?

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

the fatherless

It is orphan Sunday. I'm home with my kids today due to the much unwanted stomach bug. Ughh. But it has me thinking and thankful and burdened and... praying.

There are more than 143 million orphans in the world.

Kids that when sick do not have a mommy or daddy's lap to lay their head upon. Kids who crave love and acceptance. Kids who will go off to college without a home base--without a mom to send her care packages. Kids who eventually grow to be adults, still soul-desperate for love. Just like me.

An overwhelming thought to this finite mind of mine. Yet the compassionate Father calls His church to the task of caring for and easing the burden. He instructs us to "defend the fatherless." (Isaiah 1:17) Bringing life.

Join me today in asking Him His opinion. What would He have you and me do from our state, from our city, from our neighborhood, from our home...from our heart?

We can affect another.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

whining vexes

"she pestered him daily with her words and pressed him,
so that his soul was vexed to death."
Judges 16:16

We have been dealing with a bunch o' whining in our casa. And whining holds with it the power to vex me to near death. Something about that sing-songy tone. Yeah. So this verse makes all kinds of sense to me on a number of levels.

I have been praying for wisdom. I want His vision. I want to reflect Him in dealing with this verbal-menace. But to be honest, I can conjure up a good whine myself if I really want.

The truth is that our words hold power. They can pour life into another or drain one's very breathe. A sobering thought. But our words reflect our heart.

From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

I want my kids to learn from an early age that the ponderings of their heart and mind will spill out onto their world. They can spill forth life or they can spill out a poisonous concoction of death. Yikes.

But there is another aspect. If I as their mom live in a place of irritation and heart-frustration, then I inevitably add to the curse of our word library. It will be a domino effect of ill-spoken phrases passed between us.

So I want my words to pour life into others, beginning with those inside the four walls of my own home. And it begins with my thoughts. Lord, enable me to bring every thought into the captivity of your love and Truth.


Bringing it home... (A new section on practicalities)

Ask Him to reveal your own thought life towards others--from family to the grocery store clerk. Then ask for His vision to see how those thoughts line up with scripture.

He has given His children the mind of Christ. By faith and in His strength, we can take our thoughts captive to obedience.

Speak His truth out-loud. Believe.


How have you seen this principle play out in your own life? Either in the positive or the unfortunate negative.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

hope arises

I have been in the book of Judges for the past week. And let me tell you, in many ways it is depressing. Keep reading, it gets better.

The people of God witnessed His miraculous power and steadfast faithfulness over and over, yet "they did what was right in their own eyes." And they continually became enslaved to sin.

Uplifting, right?!

But the sobering truth? They are me. I do this. I can allow myself to step down into those same pits and eat that moldy prison food. Pits where God has already showed up and delivered. I can fall into those same patterns of bondage, forgetting who He is...and who I am.

Yet in the midst of all this gloom and doom, hope arises. Like rays of sunshine after a good rain.

When we cry out and lift our hands in surrender, Father answers. He remembers we are a vapor. He wipes our dirty face. He binds up the wounds of disobedience.

His mercies are new every morning.

After days where I have overreacted towards my kids or allowed the pressures of dailiness to affect His gift of peace, this hope is life. In Christ, we are clothed with righteousness.

Today is a new day.

Choosing to mark it with praise.


Linking up with a sweet sister-friend, Katie, over at "Do not Depart."

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i'm under it

Grace is leaving the peanut butter smudge on my jeans from those toddler kisses.

Grace is wrestling with my boys when the laundry begs to be folded.

Grace is taking a minute to breathe deep that crisp fall air, eyes closed and heart thankful.

Grace is letting him and her be who they are today--people, just like me, desperate for His fill.

Grace is forgiving and forgiving and forgiving and forgiving. Again.

Grace lays down all rights,

washes the betrayers feet,

and gives freely to the undeserving.

I'm under it.


Linking up with my sweet friend, Emily Freeman, over at "chatting at the sky."
In response to her month of grace.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

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Monday, November 1, 2010

P31P-day 22, final take away

I kill plants. My thumb is far from green when it comes to gardening. But I have learned something over the years in spite of my deficiency.

We reap what we sow.

If I place tomato plants in the ground, then tomatoes will grow. Granted it may only be two tomatoes. But one thing is certain; it won't be a pumpkin.

We reap what we sow.

Our Proverbs lady experienced the "reap and sow" dialogue. She put her hands to the tasks of her individual calling and she reaped a reward. She kept her heart and mind stayed on the Giver of life. He faithfully guided. She diligently obeyed with her moments. And praise arose.

Friends, if there is anything I pray we take away from our time together over these past weeks, it's that we are individual, original masterpieces created by the Almighty Himself. He designed you and me with purpose and character and gifts.

He does not call us to look like the person we stand beside. He does not push us to imitate the Proverbs woman. He calls us forth to life in Him. In Him.

As we learn to live for an audience of One with our moments--allowing Him to invade and fill the deep crevices of our hearts--He will then spill out onto those in our world. His love. His vision. His name.

Life is found.

Our dailiness may look very different. We may never sew our own clothes--never. But living up to this lady's example is not the ultimate goal.

Intimacy with the King is the victory.

Give yourself (and others) some grace and space to move around. We are all in process towards transformation. Transformation into the image of His Son--Jesus. But may we keep our hands "busy" with His love. Pursuing our Pursuer.

Reaping the blessing of life abundant.


Now it's your turn. I know we have had some faithful readers this month. So take a minute to tell us your final thoughts--your number one takeaway--from this month-long look at the lady from the Pages.

If you have a blog, then you can use the link tool below to link your own "final thoughts" post. Open until Friday, November 5th. Otherwise feel free to use the comments section.

Thank you so much to the project guest writers! Clapping. You girls were amazing.

And thank you to all my readers. This has been a blessed month for me personally. Love you!!!

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Friday, October 29, 2010

P31P-day 21, you are beauty

We cannot escape it. Everywhere we look, our world defines "beauty." It's this invisible yet well-stipulated box. And to walk with our shoulders high, we as women believe we must fit comfortably within its walls.

The box tempts us to look and linger and compare and climb in. Until we find that we have bound the chains to our wrists and are now a slave to its precepts.


The external vanishes in a blink. One year my hair shimmers in the sun with flecks of golden brown and auburn red dancing free. The next year I find myself battling grey, wiry new arrivals into submission. Blink.

As time passes, it gets more and more difficult to fit inside the beauty box sold by our world. But the loveliness of a woman that time cannot erase rises up from deep within.

True beauty blossoms in the one who reverences her Maker. She believes Him faithful. She trusts in His love that sings over her every moment. She settles down into His statutes and is not easily swayed.

She hears her name whispered by the King followed with, "My daughter, I love you." And she walks a little taller, a little bolder--like she carries a secret.


Outward beauty fades with each tick of the clock. But this beauty--the beauty of the lady who fears the Lord--grows ever more radiant, from glory to glory.

She shall be praised.

You shall be praised.


Only ONE VERSE remains in our Proverbs Project!
Make sure to come back on Monday to read the conclusion of
our month with the lady.

There will also be an option for my fellow bloggers to link the readers to your own blog post that shares your final thoughts on the Proverbs girl.
(An idea for your Monday post.)

If you want to catch up on the rest of the project,

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

P31P-day 20, the desire to inspire

guest writer: beth steffaniak

I have a competitive streak, I’ll admit it. It’s not something I’m proud of. And try as I might to surrender it to the Holy Spirit’s power, it still rears its ugly head every once in a while. Okay, okay—often.

So when I really focused in on this verse, at first it sounded very much like a challenge. I thought, so what if “she surpasses them all?” So what if her husband thinks she’s “the best?” I bet I could take her down in a competition on . . . on . . . competitiveness! Yeah, on that, I’d win hands down!

However, once I calmed down my competitive side and looked at the Proverbs 31 woman from the proper angle, I saw something more than just the throwing down of a gauntlet. I realized that this woman wasn’t crowned Mrs. Virtuous in the “Virtuous Woman Pageant 700 B.C.”

When I looked more closely, I saw that verse 29 is the exact words of affirmation her husband offered, which was referenced simply as “praise” in the preceding verse 28. So this wasn’t just the narrator’s point of view. This was her husband’s perspective, and in his eyes, she stood alone—no contest!

Very often this entire passage in Proverbs sends the modern day woman running for the hills. We start to read about this virtue and that virtue and either spiral downward towards perfectionism or totally give up in despair.

But what if this verse isn’t about trying to compete with some iconic or perfect woman of virtue? What if the point is to win my husband’s respect and love so much so that no other woman could ever compare to me in his eyes?

What this boils down to for each of us is—

Deciding to live a life that inspires.

What would that look like for me as a wife? Ah, maybe being a little less neurotic and competitive might help!

But seriously, living a life that would inspire my husband would begin with realizing I don’t have a single chance to win his approval—at least not on my own.

It would mean surrendering my silly pride. It would mean surrendering my need to achieve or be perfect. It would mean relying completely on God, day by day, minute by minute, nanosecond by nanosecond! And in that miraculous moment, it would be God who is transforming me into the most noble woman my husband could ever imagine.


Beth, thank you for being a part of this project! What you said in your closing paragraph is foundational. It is God who transforms us into virtuous women. He does that. He is so good. Thanks again!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

P31P-day 19, this prodigal blesses

I grew up a preacher's daughter. Southern Baptist, none-the-less. And I faithfully lived up to that stereotypical prodigal. I spent years in deep pits of self and reaped many consequences. But God.

One early morning a stranger mugged me at gunpoint. (True.) I vaguely remember his face, but I will never forget the fear that humbled my soul. My Maker got my attention. He reached down and lifted me out of the quicksand of self. And He placed me on the firm foundation of His love. I have never been the same.

During those years of enslavement to self, my earthly dad went on from this physical world while my mama remained on her knees. She believed God to be the only hope. She was right.

I now rise up and call her blessed.

I bless her for the faith she passed to me. The fear of the Lord, her God. Reverence for the One whose plans cannot be thwarted.

His promise fulfilled.
This prodigal blesses.

Now I'm a mama. These are them. My kids. One with his eyes closed.

I trust that as I fear the Lord and allow His Truth to well up inside me, seeping out onto my kids, my man, and those in my world, that they too will one day rise up and call me blessed of the Lord. These three young ones with callings on their heads to be mighty warriors of Him will not be forsaken.

There will be times where they individually must work out this whole thing--this walk of faith. But as their mama I desire to stand firm on the promise.

They will rise up and call me blessed in Him.

This lady of the Pages walked by faith. And it resulted in blessing.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

P31P-day 18, productivity plus grace

guest writer: emma marsh

So it comes toward the end of the month, and I am a half-day late submitting this post on idleness. The irony is not lost, believe me!

The moment I read this verse for this project, God impressed two things on my heart.

Busyness is not the antithesis to laziness.

Instead, as these thoughts have settled in my heart over the past month, I have arrived at a place where "not eating the bread of idleness" equates to a picture of productivity plus grace, rather than busyness, burden, and no rest.

As always with this woman of Proverbs 31, in practice it will look different for everyone. For me it has meant learning this month that productivity in my home and for my family looks more like simple dinners + playing with my toddler, or minimalist cleaning + letting said toddler spend the morning painting, than just getting every box ticked on my to-do list.

There's the productivity and there's the grace. Anything less than that and I am sent spinning into a whirlwind of busy, and eventually being defeated and eating the bread of idleness.

God also brought this scripture to my mind:

"This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him."

Deuteronomy 30:19-20

The choices we make set up life or death, blessings or curses for our family. Perhaps that sounds harsh; but really, we have simple choices here.

As an experiment, I have treated laziness as a serious choice this past month. Each opportunity presented to me--to rise to my children in the wee hours of the morning, to prepare a meal, to get down and play, to exercise, to simply pray--I have tried to ask: what is the lazy option, and what is the Proverbs 31:27 option here?

Give yourself grace. Get rest. Enjoy the people God has placed around you and seek to bless them. But above all else, choose life, choose blessing.

Choose productivity plus grace.


Emma, the first words out of my mouth after I read your post were, "That's. really. good." I tend towards the "busy" side, always having that list in the back of my mind. So I have to remain diligent not to let it overpower relationships. Watching over the ways of my home includes grace and love as its motivator. Thank you, thank you. Great post.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

P31P-day 17, the mouth speaks

This one pierces, girls. This one sends me straight to the dirt, on my knees, desperate for His invasion. Especially when hormones rage or emotions flair.

The mouth. Life and death are in its power. It can so quickly spit out the bridle and speaks its mind. Mine can anyway. When left to itself it reacts, judges, demands, and boasts. It tears down, rather than builds. It insists, rather than serves.

But it is only a reflection.

"From the heart the mouth speaks." Wise words from the ancient Proverb. What simmers beneath, in the depths of our being, eventually comes out of our mouths. And it ain't always pretty.

Two years ago...

He revealed my own heart ponderings, specifically toward my man. We were in a very deep marital pit and blaming him was the easy thing. But God tenderly, faithfully opened my eyes to my own inner depravity.

I had always "prided myself" in keeping those nagging, critical thoughts undercover. I could paint on a smile while inwardly tearing him down. And I am convinced it played a key role in our eventual place of near-devastation.

If our mouths are to be guarded with the law of kindness,
then our hearts must first bow to that same ruling.

We cannot do this on our own. Our tongues too quickly spew poison and our hearts to easily swallow deception. But He can fill us with Himself--with His love--in order that kindness and wisdom direct our utterances. Only in the overflow.

He began by teaching me awareness--how to see my thoughts. He now continues to teach me what it means to bring them captive to obedience--each and every thought submitting to Truth.

When left to myself, I think things, believe things, and say things that grieve His Spirit. But when I submit and "be ye filled," this law of wisdom and kindness rules.

And others reap the reward.

Sister-friend, don't give in to condemnation. Yesterday is gone. The past is behind. Come up under His forgiveness and believe His promise of cleansing. Then press deeper into your Maker.

Know His Word. Trust His Word. Meditate on His promises. He loves His children with a relentless love. He offers freedom and abundance for you and for me where bondage and unrest have settled down. Victory.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

i'm learning

I am learning how to love. I mean, really love. The kind of love that sacrifices self and gives regardless. Love that doesn't demand supposed rights or insist that I be coddled. Love like He loves.

But I asked for it.

A few years back I began asking Him to teach me love. Real love. I realized that all of His truth rests upon, flows from, and lives here, in the place of love. And unless I get that--really get that--then I miss it all. Running in vain.

So He teaches me with patient, tender, fierce, holy hands. I often fall and fail. But He picks me up and sets my face back towards His. And slowly, from glory to glory, I am learning how to truly love.

And it is life...and freedom.

How about you?
What is He teaching you these days?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

P31P-day 16, clothed

guest writer: emily dillard

I can't do this. I have nothing "life altering" to share. I'm not insightful. I am not a writer. I can barely do anything worth anything these days. What do I really do anyway? I mean, compared to [insert name of friend who seems to have it all together] I am just pretty ordinary, and my life is pretty...boring.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

This is so often an example of a thought process in my head. Can you relate? We can all do it. It's called insecurity. It might look a bit different to each of us, but the dialogue in our heads is constant. Satan trying to feed us lies, get us to disbelieve God about who we are in Him. It creeps in slowly; it festers. It poisons relationships. It makes us restless. Makes us feel naked and...ashamed.

She is clothed.

By who? The Almighty God Himself. With what?

Strength & Dignity.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. For a unique purpose. An identity. Not one that can be given to us by a job or a man or a great outfit, but only by our Creator.

When we feel that unrest in our souls, feel like we don't fit in, we all look for ways to numb it. Something that will perk us up, make us feel better about ourselves. It might be a good cup of coffee or an indulgent piece of cake; it might be putting on that low-cut shirt or those tight jeans that make all the guys notice when we walk by. But ultimately none of those things fill the void. The only true rest for our souls comes from believing we are who God says we are. He clothes us with strength and dignity.

When we are walking in that, my sisters, is when we have no need to fear the unknown, no need to fear that we don't fit in with the crowd. No need for insecurity. Instead, we can laugh at the days to come. Be glad. Fill your spirit with Joy that only He gives.

Be secure. You are clothed.


Emily, this is just beautiful! Thank you for being used by Him to bless us today with an encouraging word. We are clothed because He clothes us. Amen!

Click here to read previous Proverbs Project posts.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

P31P-day 15, powerfully gifted

My sister and I call them "sercies." Little surprises. Gifts given simply because you love and want to bless the other. Or because that shirt would look perfect on her. I love a sercie.

But God gives BIG sercies. Life-altering, plan-changing, ministry-empowering sercies. He gives these gifts to all of His children--all who come into His family through the blood of His Son. When His Spirit seals us, He manifests Himself through us for the profit of many.

These gifts are given by grace. We do not deserve them. We cannot earn them. But He gives a measure to each that we might edify, sharpen, and unite with one another as we do this life-thing here on earth. That He may be glorified.

HE gifts us to teach, to write, to minister, and to heal. HE does that, by His grace, for the profit of all. But the really amazing thing is that walking in our individual gifts enlivens and blesses us.

He continually blows me away.

It appears that our lady in Proverbs lived out of her gifts. Granted the Spirit had not yet fully come, but her Designer made her to be an artisan. Her hands were created to create. And I imagine she moved about with a song of praise and thanks in her heart.

She gave Him her gifts and
asked Him to use them for the profit of many

Sister-friend, He has gifted you. Gifted. You. By His grace, you are called and equipped to powerfully minister to those He places in your path. So, you go, you Proverbs 31 girl. Walk forth in His gifts.


To read more on spiritual gifts, pull out His word and read what Paul has to say in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12-13.

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