Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tattle Tail

My daughter can be so compassionate. She has a tender heart to the hurts of others; except, many times, when it comes to her 2-year-old brother. She constantly keeps me posted on his many, many acts of disobedience. In some cases this is good because I know there is another pair of eyes on his ever-moving body. But, ultimately I just want her to be a little girl who encourages others to make good choices rather than exposing their sin and mistakes.

Isn't it funny though how God can speak to us through our kids? I mean, I can be the same exact way, whining to God (and hopefully not others) about the sins of my "brother", all he is doing wrong, and ways he should be punished. But, that is not love. Sometimes the words will come out of my mouth, "Have you tried encouraging him to make a better choice?" and the stake will just pound in my own heart. Have I?

I was just reading this morning for the E100 passages (see 1/14 post) about Noah. And even though he was given grace by God, obeyed God, loved God, he still sinned. In Genesis 9:20-29 it reveals one specific example of his sin. It said that once the waters from the flood receded and Noah and his family were getting "back to normal" (these are all my words) that Noah became a farmer, planted a vineyard, and then got drunk and passed out. Then one of his sons saw his nakedness and told his brothers about it. It was his two brothers that discreetly carried a garment and without looking on their dad's sin covered his nakedness. It turned out that the first brother was cursed and the other two blessed.

I realized that that is what the proverb means when it says that "love covers a multitude of sins." That is what God wants me to do towards those in my life. Not expose their sins and gossip about their sins, rather encourage them to make good choices, pray for them, bless them. I hope I teach my daughter this truth. I hope I am faithful to practice this truth.

It's funny, I just joined facebook. If you are on this addictive site you quickly learn that your past is at the tips of your fingers. In many ways this is great because I have already "found" 3 or 4 people who were dear, dear friends to me in my past. But in some ways this can be somewhat unsettling. I mean, many of these friends saw me at my absolute worst...passed out and hopefully not naked. But I guess it reminds me of how much God has done in my life, given me peace and joy where depression, anxiety, and addictions once reigned. He is amazing. He is good.

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