Friday, March 6, 2009

Candy vs. Spinach

Walking with God is so simple in theory. If I obey I will be blessed. If I rebel I will have consequences.


We are the ones that complicate things.

God has both theoretically and experientially shown me over the years that He is faithful to His Word. He is a God of purpose which means that He has reason for everything He instructs. So why is it so difficult to obey at times? Often it is our feelings that challenge our obedience. You know, that teetering between what feels right and what God declares as best.
  • But I have rights... God says, "Lay them down."
  • But it hurts too bad... God says, "Trust Me with your heart."
  • But the future is so uncertain... God says, "Look at My face."
  • But I am so scared... God says, "I am faithful."

My 2 year old would live on candy if I let him. The first question he literally asks on many mornings is "Can I have some candy?". What he doesn't understand is that candy is not good for his body. All he knows is that it tastes good so he wants more. Similarly, our Creator knows what is best for us. Often we are like a 2 year old begging for candy because it pleases our taste buds, while God knows our body really needs spinach to grow. Spinach might make us gag but it will make us stronger and healthier.

The heart is deceptive, sweet friend. But God's statutes are trustworthy, even when our feelings scream otherwise. Search His Word. Seek His face. He will prove faithful.

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