Saturday, March 14, 2009

Societal "Crisis"

For a fleeting hour yesterday, my sister and I broke away from the kids. (Thanks Mom!) We actually had a conversation about something other than a child's bodily functions or sleep patterns. My sister is 6 years my younger in chronological age but about 16 years my elder in political knowledge. So I often turn to her for information.

In light of Michael Moore's movie Sicko (which I just watched 3 nights ago), all of these questions have been swimming around in my mind. Friend or foe, Moore brings an interesting perspective to the table. Could single payer health care really work?

As my wise sister pointed out, Moore is very persuasive. In this film he portrays the health care systems of other nations as ideal, and near perfect. One thing she said stuck with me, "The idealistic plan some propose will never work because people will always be people." Her point is that people will always be greedy for more. Communism might be a great concept theoretically but it doesn't work because people are not robotic; thankfully we have been designed with freedom of thought.

We both agreed that much needs to change. The health insurance companies and drug industry seem completely out of control and thoroughly corrupt. But ultimately, ultimately, the only peace will come from above, not government policy. This world is unstable, confused, ever-changing; but there is One who is faithful and true. Even amidst an economic "crisis," the Creator of this universe is secure.

I am not proposing that we isolate ourselves and do not become involved, locked in our homes and sprayed with holiness. We should become informed. We must pray for wisdom and voice our opinion (hopefully founded on truth). But God wants His peace to be our experience. He says to cast every care upon Him, not being anxious for anything...ANYTHING. As we turn to Him, setting our eyes upon Him, He promises to guard our hearts and minds with His peace (see Philippians 4:4-7). But we have a choice as to where we place our trust.

In an unstable climate, look at Him, sweet friend. He is the calm in the midst of a storm.

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