Monday, March 2, 2009

Stir His Spirit

God is cool. His Word is alive. When I decided to go to seminary (a COMPLETE shock to anyone who knew me "before") I was so on fire for Jesus. I remember telling my mom that all I needed to take was my Bible...and maybe some clothes (which I am sure everyone appreciated). The years after seminary brought many changes personally which challenged me spiritually. I have been through many ebbs and flows in my walk with God over the last eight years. But lately His Spirit is stirring within me so richly.

Don't get me wrong. I have my days. Wow. Yesterday was definitely one of them. You know what I am referring to; the days where the battle within, between flesh and Spirit, seems to be pulling out the big guns...and the flesh appears to have a bigger oozy. But God. His Word is alive. His Spirit is real. And He has given His children the power to walk this life in victory. Do you know the key? Submission.

Submit our thoughts, our wills, our desires, our homes, our futures, our fears, our sickness, our struggles, our addictions, and ultimately our very moments to Him. He can, and has handled it all. Repentance is more than just turning away from sin reigning in our lives; repentance means a "turning to". You and I will only walk in victory as we turn to the One who gives peace in the midst of a storm and brings dancing out of the season of mourning.

So join me sweet friend, dig into His Word and stir His Spirit within. Revival is awaiting.

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