Monday, April 20, 2009

Spilled Forth

I love reading the book of Acts. Periodically throughout the year I will turn to its pages and become inspired. This morning I read when God poured His Spirit upon the apostles. Wow. The word pour itself brings powerful images to mind--the essence of God, His Spirit, spilling forth onto man. Amazing. Amazing.

A few things happened when His Spirit went forth:
  1. With His Spirit came power. The apostles began speaking in other tongues--which is, other languages. It says that everyone heard them speak in his own language (2:6, 2:11). God overcomes obstacles. Where we see hindrances (as in various languages), He sees opportunity to show His great power.
  2. With His Spirit came unity. Back in Genesis chapter 11 God confused the languages at the Tower of Babel because of the pride of man--man's pursuit to be his own god. Here in Acts we see Him uniting mankind under His Spirit--bringing oneness and community in spite of race or background.
  3. With His Spirit came praise. When His Spirit fell, the apostles began speaking the wonderful works of God in these various languages. His Spirit brings glory to His name.
  4. With His Spirit came repentance. As these wonderful works of God were declared--the gospel of Jesus Christ and His redemption--about three thousand repented that day and humbly came to God (2:11). His truth will not return void. His truth moves people to repentance.

If you are a believer, calling yourself a child of God, Peter declares in this chapter that you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit by faith in Jesus and repentance of your sins (2:38-39). So our question becomes, am I submitting to the leading of God's Spirit in my life or am I grieving Him? Am I walking by faith, in love, and with power or do I lead a life fulfilling fleshly lusts and nursing unrighteous thoughts?

With His Spirit comes power, unity, praise, and repentance. Run this race with endurance, friend. Fight this fight of faith. The precious gift of His Spirit enables.

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