Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where am I?

There are some days where my brain cells seem to be leaving by the droves--in fact one of my log in names to an infamous mommy website is "BrainCellsJumpingShip." Does anyone else feel this way? When you cannot remember, even for just a moment...or a day, where you went on your honeymoon or your children's birth weights. When you are driving, and for the life of you, you cannot come up with your destination. When you get to the store, only coming for three things, but it is like someone stripped them from your memory. What in the world?

Thankfully God knows we are but dust.

I think everyone tends toward a memory problem--especially when faced with a life test or trial. I am learning that as I walk these days with God, He proves His faithfulness one step at a time. And the key to walking that next trial in peace and trust is remembering His faithfulness in previous trials. It is the reason He continually instructs His people to "remember." Over and over we see the Israelites building altars or memorials to document God's faithfulness. Do you know why? Because we humans too easily forget.

The proverbs say that our hearts are deceitful and utterly wicked. Our emotions can so quickly turn our minds to our circumstance rather than to our Lord. It is human-nature. Paul says to fight the fight of faith. Believing God in the midst of the storm is a fight--a fight against feelings and vision. But it is those moments--the moments where we have a choice to believe He is faithful or not--that have the potential to strengthen or steal away our victory.

Let us remember this day, in this trial, that this God we serve is faithful, abundant in love and mercy, the ultimate provision, and overflowing with grace. Remember and then preach it to your spirit.

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