Friday, April 24, 2009

Your Son Revealed

In a world that feels chaotic, like it is spinning out of control.
A moment by Your ocean says, You're sitting on Your throne.

The sky fills up with pink and orange as I anticipate its rise.
Peaking over the water blue, obeying You...

Every day, through every turn, this light faithfully lifts
Over the horizon, so my eyes will see my steps.

Just a moment more, I wait, anticipation building;
I wonder if anyone else sits still--Your canvas quickly filling.

There it is. I see the top, deep orange gracing my sight.
Your love lavished upon me with the revelation of glorious Light.

Tears blur my vision--another day anew.
What a sight--the view amazing--You are Creator true.

Though this world may feel chaotic, like it is spinning out of control,
We have a God waiting to reveal His Son deep in our souls.

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