Monday, June 22, 2009

Fight, friend

Hi friends, I am glad to be back. I must admit that I enjoy routine. My home is quiet, my coffee hot, and the Lord is good & always faithful.

Do you equate God's goodness with your circumstances? When the words "the Lord is good" just poured out I felt the need to clarify--He is good regardless of my or your circumstance. He is good, righteous, holy, and just, full of love, mercy, and grace no matter what our days may bring. He sees beginning to end and is always working. Do you believe?

Our eyes should be set--focused--upon things that are right and pure (see Philippians 4:8). Yet at the same time we must be keenly aware of the spiritual war waging around us. I have been reminded lately of the vast complexity of us as humans--we are physical, yes, but also spiritual. No other created being dwells in these two dimensions of reality. Sadly, we are so quick to disregard the spirit within ourselves and especially within others.

When one confesses and believes Jesus to be Lord, the Spirit of God Himself will come and take up residence in our bodies. How amazing is that! As we grow in our understanding of God Himself, allowing Him to reign in our mortal vessels, then we will increasingly hear as He speaks, guides, warns, intercedes, and blesses. Too often, though, we as humans are so focused upon our physical world that His power is suppressed. That is the goal of the enemy!

If the enemy of God can get us so focused upon things of this world, people that hurt, and situations that challenge, then he gets the victory. The power of God is suppressed in our lives and our witness diminished. Do not let the enemy have that victory! We already know who wins in the end, but in the midst, while we wait for our Savior's return, believe His word and set your eyes on truth. Forgive everything, love unconditionally, rejoice always, only by the power of His might!

May we stop being passive in the fight for our homes, our husbands, our children, and our friends. Let us take up the Sword--His Word--put on His armor, and stand firm against the wiles of the enemy. Allow the Father to use your life and His name will be glorified. He is good & always faithful.

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