Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Perfect Parent

You may be able to identify this from my posts lately, but I have sensed some areas in my mommy-heart that need God's touch. I have not been able to put my finger on it except for the inward struggle I sometimes face with parenting--am I obeying You, Lord? am I honoring You? am I allowing You to love my kids through me? or am I more focused on my own agenda that I miss the look in their eyes? So I have asked God to shed anything in me that is not of Him when it comes to being a parent. He is so faithful to gently reveal His will if we ask.

The other day I watched from a distance as my middle son tried to play with some "older" boys. He longingly looked at their toys, wishing he would be included. Then one of them pushed him away and said, "You are a baby! You can't play!" Yes, my motherly fury arose and I resisted the urge to go push him back, in spite of my son's heartbroken look and quivering lip. But I continued to watch, and pray. And then His quiet voice resonated with my spirit.

This world is going to push my kids around--it will push my husband around. I want our home to be a place where they feel safe, loved, encouraged, and empowered to stand for Truth in a world that denies absolutes. Am I making my home that kind of refuge? Only by the power of His might.

In my flesh I am so selfish. But God. He alone is the perfect parent. He is full of grace and mercy flowing from a love unconditional. He forgives because He is holy and righteous, not because I deserve it. He looks me in the eyes and knows my heart. He is never too busy to meet me where I am. And He even disciplines as a loving parent should, desiring I stay in His boundaries of safety and victory. I want to reflect Him rightly. Only by the power of His might.

Lord, change us. Use us in this world--in our homes--to reflect Your ways and Your Truth in the moments of this day. Enable us to forgive, that others might be restored. Give us Your eyes, that we might see the perspectives of others. Teach us to be men and women who glorify Your name--taking Your Truth from our minds to the depths of our hearts. You are worthy, Lord. You are good!

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