Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Healing God

So you just must go to the Family Christian Store and pick up the DVD documenting the life of a man by the name of Angus Buchan. It is only $5 and the proceeds go to benefit orphans through the James Fund and Shalom Ministries. Go. Right now. While it is fresh on your mind. Go ahead. I will wait.

If you cannot pick up and leave right this minute--well, OK--then make yourself a note. It will be worth your time. I promise.

Talk about a man who will challenge and encourage your faith. He is a simple man in worldly terms--a farmer from South Africa--but in heavenly terms a giant. He is not running after material gain, rather he is sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ, fulfilling a ministry where thousands upon thousands are coming to the Lord. Not only that, he is seeing people healed from all sorts of diseases. His faith even brought a young woman back to life! And some say the healing power of God is no longer at work! Our God is able, friend!!!

He craves more of our Lord, with a moving passion for His truth to be spread and His power to be experienced by all. He hears when the Lord speaks to his spirit, and goes where He says to go. He is not claiming divinity or perfection, he is simply walking by faith and not by sight--and God's name is being lifted HIGH! That is the kind of faith that blesses our living Lord--where we "seek ye first His kingdom."

The healing aspect of his ministry is what has me all stirred up inside. What is my opinion on healing? Our God is able. I personally believe that we do not see it as much in our culture because of a lack of faith. We have become a people dependent upon modern medicine--not that it is bad or wrong to go there. I go there. But there is an overall desensitization to the healing power of God. It reminds me of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11--that our cultural mindset reflects our (false) belief that we are in control, "let us make a name for ourselves."

Are you saying I am not healed because of my lack of faith? I don't know. Is it possible? Yes. Is it definite? No. Typically the pattern through the New Testament seems to be that physical healing was done to bring a greater awakening to this God whom we serve. But there are going to be trials in this life. There are going to be things we must go through to get us to "the other side."

I am thinking of the example of Paul who was a prisoner on a ship headed to Rome. It appeared the ship and the lives of the passengers would possibly be destroyed by the weather. But an angel of God appeared to Paul and said, "Do not be afraid, Paul (I just love how angels always say this--it must be a completely freaky thing to experience); you must be brought before Caesar; and indeed God has granted you all those who sail with you." The weather did not take God off guard. Are you kidding?! God could have stopped the winds and the waves. But He didn't. Yet Paul had to be brought to Rome. It was part of God's plan. So God allowed the crashing for a purpose--His glory to be seen.

God does heal; and a prayer of faith can heal. Yet in His infinite wisdom He also allows trials. Either way He has purpose and grace. Be encouraged! How do we know if He is leading us to the prayer of faith--a prayer expecting the outcome to be a healing, a deliverance? It seems that those who truly heal in the power of God know Him intimately, deeply. As we personally deepen in our walk with Him, we will know His promptings and know His will, so that if He instructs you or I to pray for that person to be healed, we can believe He will heal--as I was a few years back, thank you Kameren!

Is our God not awesome? Friend, if you call yourself a believer then this very God lives within you. How amazing and powerful!

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