Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Pink There

I just finished labeling all of my posts and realized that I haven't been documenting many of the funny things that happen in my daily life. So I thought I would tell you a cute thing that Hailey said the other day.

Her Mimi (aka grandma) works for an airline, so we planned a girl's trip to New York to visit the American Girl store. (FYI: if you are not into American Girl dolls then beware. This is a whole phenomenon that I had no idea existed...and we are sucked in! Well, at least the girls in our family are; don't ask my hubby his (probably correct) opinion.) Anyway, in preparations for our trip my middle son said, "I want to go to NY." Hailey responded, "No, Bryson, you can't go to NY. It is pink there."

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