Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Pressure to Document

Tonight I was just laying on the floor of the playroom watching the various, adorable antics of my 19 month old. So cute. Then I started thinking, "I haven't started a baby book for him yet. Come to think of it, I haven't finished my middle son's baby book. Urgghhhh." To be honest the progression in documentation from my first born to now my third is pretty pathetic.

My eldest has a book full of all her firsts: first word, first food, first step. My third has a scrap piece of paper stuffed in my desk where I have quickly jotted down things I don't want to forget--I think there are three things on that list. My eldest had nothing but organic, pureed fruits and veggies. My youngest, well, do goldfish fit into the food pyramid? They are made with whole grains!

Then I asked myself, "Why the pressure?" Seriously, why do I feel pressure to do a baby book? Is it the stack of good-intentioned scrapbooking stuff in the upstairs closet? Is it society that proclaims, "you aren't a good mother unless..."? Maybe I will never complete his book of baby memories; and I honestly think I am OK with that. I mean, why live under such unnecessary pressure. Right?!

Good. It's done. I'll sell it all. Well...maybe I will keep some of it for a rainy day when I have nothing else to do. Ummm, yeah.

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