Monday, September 28, 2009

Arisen Hope

Yesterday was a rough one. I was riding solo with the kids all day and they were all battling colds--which means they are all so pleasant and cheerful. By the evening I was also feeling like the "bug" was creeping in on me. As I was finally laying down last night, conversing with the Lord, completely exhausted, I thought, "I really want to see Your face, God." Not literally--for I might completely freak out--but from His Word. So this morning I went to the book of John.

After reading the first three chapters which documented the early days of Jesus' ministry, the thing that resonated so loudly was His absolute focus upon the Father's will. Four times He refers to His purpose and His "hour" to come. His eyes were set fully on the will of the Father. He is called the Light that shines in darkness. He is declared the One who will take away the sins and guilt of man. He performed miracles and spoke prophecies. Many followed Him because they were completely intrigued. Yet sadly "men loved darkness rather than light." (3:19)

Why? Why do we as humans prefer spiritual blindness over sight? Why do we not want to look fully at the face of Christ--hear His words and understand His heart? I guess the answer comes back to this physical realm. We love to be in control, setting our own agenda. We love the praise of man and feed on his accolades. We love darkness rather than light.

That is, until we catch a glimpse of His glory.

No other being in history has claimed divinity then defeated death. No one else--out of great love and power--has made a way free man from sin. There is no one else who gives new life to weary bones. But God gives us choice--both in believing and obeying. So what will I choose today? His ways or my own?

Yesterday was rough--nothing majorly life changing, just rough. But as I turned my eyes onto Him--literally got all alone and told Him I couldn't do this day on my own--He reminded me of His character and promises. And hope arose. There is no one like Him.

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