Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gift of a Thorn

I just heard a poem last night by Elisabeth Elliot and this morning I spent a moment trying to find her words online--to no avail. I want to quote from memory the last two lines--not typically a very productive venture. She was speaking on suffering as a gift--the gift of a thorn. At the end of her beautifully convicting explanation she says, "God uses the thorn, to pin back the veil that covers His face."

Read that again and pause for a moment.

What if it's really true, just as the "cloud of witnesses" has testified? What if seeing the face of God, in greater detail and majestic fullness requires our suffering--even our breaking? Don't get me wrong--I, like you, enjoy the seasons that are comfortable, happy, and prosperous, without the pain of a thorn. But more than that, I live and breathe by catching a clearer view of this God that absolutely blows my mind.

True, the trials can be fiery-- hot and smokey. But if the grace found while the thorn pierces our sides, reveals the face of a Father we would not otherwise see, then our joy is spite of circumstances. He is that good! His glory outweighs the trials against our flesh. Our only responsibility is that we look--look into the face of the God who is not arbitrary, who is motivated by His unfailing love, and who is faithful to His promises. We will not be disappointed!

Oh, that we who call ourselves children of the living God, would take the happenings of our lives--both the good and the difficult--as gifts from Him, meant for our good. Therein lies the victory! Keep on, friend.


Just a little tune to get your blood pumpin' today. Turn it up and dance while you look forward to "That Great Day," by Da Truth (that's right "Da" Truth).

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Em said...

You rap junkie. You crack me up! Loved that post, though. You're right, God is that good. If we would only TRUST!!!

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