Friday, September 4, 2009

Revealer of Secrets

We were flipping through the channels the other night--to no avail, as usual--and saw some scientists who have newly "discovered" that there may be life on Mars. It struck me as so funny, "You know, scientists are really just trying to figure out what God already knows...and designed."

I related this to our own individual relationships with Him--or lack thereof. So often we as humans scurry around, trying to manipulate an answer to our dilemma--lifting rocks, stirring concoctions, watching beakers (OK, so I just wanted to use the word that takes me back to junior high). We do all of this while our God is the omniscient One.

In Daniel chapter 2, once again we see Daniel's heart of trust in this all-knowing God of the universe. King Nebuchadnezzar had experienced a dream that greatly troubled his spirit. He gave a decree that if the wise men of the nation could not make known both the dream and its interpretation, then they would all be destroyed. But they could not do it. So the army began killing the wise men throughout the land--until they reached Daniel.

Daniel asked why the decree was so urgent, and the captain of the guards explained the situation (remember, they did not have the Internet). Daniel then asked the king for some time--which was granted. So he gathered his friends (the same three from chapter 1), and they sought God's mercies concerning the dream. And God revealed to him the secret things--both the dream and its interpretation. Thanksgiving and blessing then flowed from his lips, "Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His." (2:20)

Our God knows all. Not only that, He is love. He desires that we experience the life of abundance that faith brings. As we place our trust in the One who IS, freedom will follow. He is so very good. He is worth the shedding of "non-essentials." He is the revealer of secret things. Trust.

For further nourishment: Read Daniel's full response to God's revelation, Daniel 2:20-23.

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