Saturday, September 5, 2009


One more pondering from today.

Sometimes it can be easier to trust God through the really big things in life rather than in the middle of daily happenings. Am I alone in this? You know. When you are certain that God is absolutely all you have, and you abide solely in Him, His strength seems so apparent. But in the day to day, when the kids are whining, you are late for work, the house is a wreck, and you & your spouse are not on the same page, these moments can prove strangely more difficult to find that place of victory.

Just yesterday in the midst of such craziness, while on my hands and knees scrubbing up the recently spilled lemonade, I asked God, "Do you really renew us like you promise? Even now? In the midst of this sticky floor?" And the quiet answer that came was a resounding, "Yes."

So often we get distracted from the "essentials" by duties that seemingly must be crossed off of our lists. That is why it is the moments that ultimately count--learning to continually abide in Him, doing everything for His glory. "Lord, in this moment, when my feet are sticking to the kitchen floor, I praise You. Guide me and be my strength." As we obey His faithful voice, He will renew...just as He promises.

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