Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heavy Stuff

There seems to be a disconnect--a disconnect in grasping our spiritual depravity and our gaping need for a Savior. In our culture we as humans tend to think we can do this "life" thing fairly well--at least on the outside. We can make a little money, get a house, have a family, work a job--all the while somewhat disconnected to our true spiritual dilemma. Truth is, when viewed next to the perfectly Holy, righteous, Creator of the universe, we are desperate for His mercy.

I have sporadically been working through the book of Revelation. And the one thing that continues to hit me is the complete "other-than"ness of this sovereign God. He is infinitely beyond our minuscule comprehension. He is absolutely just and abounding in love. By His grace He gives us--His creation--a glimpse of His glory...if we choose to look. And the closer we get to Him--the more defined His character becomes in our being--the more depraved we know ourselves to be.

By His grace, out of His unmeasurable love for you and me, He made a way for us to rightly enter His presence--namely through the sacrifice of Christ. His love for you and me goes beyond the intellect and invades the spirit. He desires for us to know Him intimately. He pursues and prods that we might trust fully in Him. Jesus came to die a substitutionary death for us--enduring a vile ripping on a rugged cross then crushing the power of sin under His feet when He rose again. We no longer have to drink the cup of wrath rightly due to our natural, rebellious selves. By faith in His sacrifice for our own sin we are made new--cleansed.

That is the victory.

Accepting His sacrifice does not mean life will always go as we think it should. But it does mean that we are now called His son or daughter--and He will never forsake His child. He gives peace in the most devastating of storms. He empowers and renews the faintest of hearts. All the while transforming us to the place of freedom through faith.

Just preachin' a little today. Run to Him, friend. He is worthy.

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