Saturday, December 5, 2009


Some things seem like such a good idea when they are in the box. My mom wanted to spend some quality time with my kids and their cousins today so we planned a morning of making gingerbread houses. The picture on the packaging looked idealistic--perfectly decorated house with smiling family members, clean from head to toe.

So off we went with craft time--which my sister lovingly refers to as "crap time." (Crafts are not her thing. So she took pictures.)

Our first attempt at assembly proved fatal. The walls came crashing down while little hands frantically tried to salvage run away candy balls. Don't ask about the cups.

So I took the pieces away from the candy crazed kiddos and spent some time alone with the house--just me, the glue (aka icing), and the gingerbread walls. The pressure was on while in the background I heard continuous crunching and comments like, "Don't lick the icing off the table!"

But finally the cookie walls held together and the kids got busy decorating. In the end memories were made and little tummies were filled with too much sugar. Good times. Good times.

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Beth said...

I feel the same way about rice krispy treats. The commercials make it look like such a great family thing. My face was not smiling by the time I was done!

The Phillips Family said...

Well, the kids got a few minutes of joy and a sugar high. But at least mine took good naps! :)

Amber said...

Too funny!! We went with the pre-assembled one Costco had this year and it was awesome. It even had imprinted doors and windows. And we got to skip that crazy defy gravity step when the kids are about to explode because they want to do it now. I must say your finished house looks great. Mine two still prefer to eat icing the whole time- they are the drip patrol. They stick a few things on, but I still get carte blanche for the decorating. I have to say I enjoy it :)

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