Monday, December 21, 2009


Often it's the "dailiness" that gets me. To rejoice when the kids are loud, when my husband and I are just "off," or when the dryer breaks proves perplexing. But either God is sovereign over everything--every detail--or He is not. Either the God of this universe is who He declares Himself to be or I am standing on quicksand.

The reason Paul emphatically instructed that followers of Christ rejoice always--always--rests in the sovereignty of God. Nothing happens in the life of His child--big or small--without purpose and meaning. He does everything for His glory and our ultimate good--not good in the fluffy sense that comes with comfort. I am talking about "good" in our depths--secure, firm, peaceful, rested, trusting.

I want this truth to stand strong in my core. When the big or small crosses my tracks--the tragic or simple "dailiness"--I am desperate to rejoice in His sovereignty. In the midst of the wilderness, He satisfies with the bread of heaven (Psalm 105:40b). In the tempests of a storm, He says, "Look at my face and trust." Nothing is arbitrary--a Rock upon which to stand.

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Emily said...

every detail...i am desperate for you to reign, Lord...every little, messy detail.

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