Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Mistakes

He did not come in splendor. He came in humility. And He came just as God intended. It was no mistake that a census was called. It was no mistake that the inn was full. It was no mistake that young Mary delivered on the ground of a barn. It was no mistake. Our God was sovereign over the details.

Today I am meditating upon the reason we as followers of Christ rejoice this time of year. A huge marker in the Father's plan of redemption--ordained from the beginning--came forth that first Christmas night. Mary and Joseph had traveled 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem--probably on foot or donkey. Precious Mary was full-term--due to deliver. Which, by the way, I cannot even imagine. I could barely ride in a car for 30 minutes across town when my babies were due. But it was no mistake.

They arrived, as instructed by Caesar Augustus, only to find that their was no place for them to stay. And her labor began. I wonder if the scene went something like this: "Joseph, it's time." "It's time? Now? But Mary, there is no where for us to go. O Father, grant us wisdom... Over there. I see a stable." Then on dusty, smelly dirt, she gave birth to this promised Son of God while the animals watched and angels rejoiced. But it was no mistake.

The Father's ways are not our own, but He is completely, absolutely trustworthy. His timing is from all eternity. The sins and rebellion of mankind do not thwart His plans. He does not make mistakes. A Rock upon which to stand.

Mary had no idea when she rejoiced in God's strange plan nine months prior that she would soon deliver this baby in such an unfamiliar place, with unconventional ways. But it was no mistake.

When we as God's children--adopted as His own--face times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity our victory comes through our faith. As we believe and trust the heart of our Father--that He is working all things for our ultimate good and His necessary glory--peace resides. He makes no mistakes.

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