Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something is Sticking

Three things I do not want to forget. Maybe something is actually "sticking":
  • My almost 2 year old saying "Shout to the Lord" with his hand lifted high. The audience doesn't matter. The location is irrelevant. He just declares it with all his might.
  • My 3 year old having a conversation with himself as he squeezed his calf muscle, "God just made me this way. I am squishy. God just made me this way."
  • My 5 year old coming to me one day after school explaining her concern, "Mommy, I asked all of my friends and they already know Jesus. I want to tell someone that doesn't know Him."

Three things I want to remember...especially in about thirty minutes when everyone is awake, bickering resumes, and whining reigns by default.

Make them one with you, o Lord.

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1 comment:

The Phillips Family said...

Love that...moments like that just warm your heart. Precious kiddos.

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