Thursday, December 31, 2009

Take Me In

The period was dark. There was no king. Everyone did as he desired. And the depravity of man evidenced itself in extremes.

When we as people are left to ourselves--looking inwardly for direction--distortion is sure. When we as humans simply go on what we feel or assume, turmoil follows. We are not God. We are not God. It sounds so simple, so evident, but in the moments of our day do we truly believe? I am not God. This calls for a happy-dance!

Freedom comes when we cease striving. Living Water flows into the cracks of dried ground as we submit to the Holy of Holies. This is how it is designed. For years I believed freedom to be apart from some God instilling His criteria upon my life. But He graciously pursued me. He graciously drew me to Himself and opened my eyes to the bondage in which I was entangled.

Apart from the God who is reigning over this universe--of which we are but specks of sand--it is hopeless. Only our Creator Designer can breath true life into a weary soul. And He promises that if we truly seek Him we will find Him. Why? Because He loves you and He loves me...infinitely.

When left to ourselves we are blind. Father, give sight.


"Take Me In" by Kutless.

Comments in response to my time in Judges 17-19 this morning.

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