Friday, January 29, 2010

Dropping the Chains

OK people, confession time. I am teaching Sunday on the topic of control and believe me I have dealt with some serious control issues in my life. You know--me somehow thinking that if my hands were not on it, in it, moving it, changing it, and upholding it, then Friday just might cave in for the entire world. Issues. But God has so faithfully crushed and then redeemed my faltering ways.

He took me to a place where I had absolutely no control--none. I had thought everything was one way when really it was another. Everything I somehow depended upon as my reality was actually a facade. I realized I had no control. And it was exactly where He wanted me to be.

For years I had prayed to know Him rightly--that He would take me deeper--yet I didn't realize all the shedding that would have to take place. So He tenderly revealed my issues--slowly as to not cause complete shock to my system.

Here's the thing. You and I are not in control. Are you with me? Can you say it? We are not in control. We may think we are in control, but...we're not. We cannot control what our kids will believe. We cannot control what our spouse will do. We cannot control the turning of this world. Oh, grasping this truth brings such freedom.

So do you want to know the cure for those control issues? We must raise our view of the God of the universe. If we truly believe that He is who He says He is--sovereign over the very hairs of our heads, faithful and able to do that which He has promised, motivated by immeasurable love--then we would drop those chains we desperately try to wrap around everything and everyone in our path. We would let God be God. We would beseech Him to pierce the hearts of those we love, and then believe He will! We would rest in Truth, and breathe. And it isn't until those chains hit the ground that our arms are free to lift in praise of this uncontainable Sustainer.

I can honestly say that I would not trade the valley of brokenness in which I had to walk because the other side has such freedom of soul. Truly, my God has overtaken my heart.

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Amber said...

This revelation has been the story of my life the past 3 years, but God has been so amazingly good. I knew what I believed and I knew I had faith, but sometimes he has to test us, strip away the excess, and prove it to our hearts. Praise the Lord I do walk the walk I say I do!! He is everything I believed and infinitely more. I pray will continue to walk with my palms open, hanging onto nothing but Him.

I love your blog changes. Your crew did an awesome job!!!

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