Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stirred from Slumber

You may think I am crazy, but God is my alarm clock. I don't say that disrespectfully; it's just that He faithfully wakes me every morning.

A little over a year ago He took me deeper in my faith. I had just walked through one of the most difficult trials of my life and had seen His miraculous hands of redemption. He wooed me and drew me. And I was absolutely taken.

Though I had loved His Word for years, there was fresh passion that stirred, so I began expressing my desire, "Father, I need time with You every morning--before my day of mommyhood begins. I am desperate for Your filling and Your vision. Would you make sure that I wake up before the craziness ensues?" And He did.

So every night before going to sleep I declare my love and desperation for Him, and He wakes me for morning coffee. Sometimes I think it is a little early and I ask for 15 more minutes, and He faithfully allows my slumber only to gently stir a few minutes later. I wouldn't trade our time.

It is not that He is some pawn I carry in my back pocket. How dare I would ever think such blasphemy. I simply believe that He is able to do anything--anything!--even wake this daughter of His for a few uninterrupted-moments together.

He cares. He is able. He is willing. Do you believe?

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