Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Tough Saying

What would it take for revival to consume our churches? Why is it that in the midst of devastation, like that in Haiti, revival may very well break forth? God is the same on all soil. His ways are the same. His truths stand firm. His power ever-flowing. So why does it seem a bit distant? I think the answer is that we like our stuff too much.

Matthew 19:16-30 caught my attention this morning. And this is a tough saying. The rich man comes to Jesus--outwardly obedient to all the commands, morally upright--and asks what more he needs to do to have eternal life. Jesus immediately pierces the heart and tells him he must sell all he has, give it to the poor, and follow after Him. And it left the man sorrowful. Why? He liked his stuff. His stuff was his identity. It made him feel secure.

I am very aware that poverty exists in our nation, but the United States is in the top ten--top ten--of riches countries in the world. And we like our stuff. I like my stuff. But I have also learned that I am obsessed with my Lord. In recent months I went through a testing of my heart's true devotion--my stuff or the Lord. And I reached a point--by the grace of God--where I laid it all down.

He isn't asking us to sell everything we have and send it to Haiti--though that would probably take you to great depths of dependence upon the Lord and you would most likely see a work of His power beyond our comprehension. The main thing He is addressing is our heart's devotion. Is there anything to which I am clinging--my stuff, my husband, my kids, my job, my agenda--other than God? We cannot cling to both. We either lay it all down and desperately cling to our Lord--trusting His character and His sovereign ways--or we don't. A tough saying.

"All things are possible with God." (Matthew 19:26b) Revival in our land can break forth. May we lay it all down, willing to sacrifice everything, and follow wholeheartedly after Him. He is worthy.

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