Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Disdain of "D"

In my humble opinion, it seems that the institution of marriage has been so cheaply mishandled. And before you think I am pointing fingers, I include myself in this assessment. But by His grace, God has been deepening my understanding--taking rich color and adding it to the drab picture I have often held in my mind.

I taught this last Sunday on divorce. And to be real honest, I hate the "D" word. It carries with it these tattered cloaks of shame for all who have walked its path to don. And before I proceed, it is vital for me to say that in Christ there is NO condemnation. If you are one who has stepped through "D's" door, then rest in the work of Christ. All sin and shame have been nailed to a cross and covered by innocent, Divine blood. It is washed away.

Now with that as the backdrop, let's look at divorce. In my study this last week, I wanted to know more than, "God hates it so don't do it." Like my 5 year old asks continually, "Why? Why does He hate it?" God is not arbitrary. He is purposeful and love and good and on the side of His child. So why would He say He hates it? This was my continual question before His throne.

The majority of my study and teaching was taken from Malachi 2:10-16, and though you will one day be able to read this in the book God is leading me to write ;) I felt led to share with you the passion God is fanning into flame in my own heart.

Here's the thing about marriage, God absolutely loves it. In its perfect design it is a glimpse into the movement of God. This entire thing, from beginning to end, is the story of how He is wooing His bride--the church--to Himself, one day to be brought to completion at that glorious wedding feast. It is meant to reflect a much more eternal reality--one in which we are but a recipient of His adoring love.

The reason, ultimately, why He hates divorce is because divorce deals treacherously with His holy design. It profanes His reflection in this world. When a covenant is made before the Lord between a bride and her bridegroom, He covers them--clothes them--with a remnant of His Spirit (see Malachi 2). He makes the two one. And He then says in Malachi 2:16 that divorce takes that covering, that garment, and tries to hide "violence" under it. And He desires they be cut off.

We have so cheapened this marriage thing--myself included. We have believed that it is simply an external agreement to be done with as we please--as our feelings lead. But there is depth and beauty and meaning, far beyond the four walls of our home.

The beat of my heart is revival among the church of our Mighty God. That we would reflect Him rightly--in all His fame and power. And it seems that understanding marriage in the glory of its Maker, proves foundational to the outpouring of His Spirit.

So, in as much as depends on me, I want to honor Him as a wife covenanted before Him to my man.

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