Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He asked.

My son carried the floppy-eared stuffed bunny to the car--a bunny I had witnessed as a child in my mom's yearly Easter decorations. As he hugged and verbally adored his new favorite friend, my daughter realized what had happened. "Why does he get to bring one of Mimi's stuffed animals home?" she forcibly insisted--searching for justice. "Well," I thought for a moment, "he asked and Mimi gave it to him."

As we drove, I pondered. He asked, she didn't. He received, she didn't. It's so simple.

Over and over Jesus explains that if we ask, then we will receive. There are only a couple of stipulations.
  1. Relationship

    Just like my son with his Mimi, there has to be relationship with the Father. I dare say that if a neighborhood kid knocked on my mom's door and ask for a stuffed rabbit that she would probably say--with kind, southern inflection--"no." But when her grandson asked, that's a different story.

    If we are going to ask and then receive, we have to start by calling the King, "Daddy." He responds to the prayers of His children. And as we get to know Him intimately, His desires will become our desires and we will know the heart of our Father. We will know what to ask in His name.

  2. Faith

    My son believed that his Mimi would give him the bunny, that's why he asked. Likewise, our Father desires we ask in faith--believing that what we ask, we will receive. I like a phrase that Beth Moore has coined. She says, "I want to ere on the side of faith." I want to believe Him big. If He impresses it upon you or me--as His child--then may we believe Him to fulfill it. He is the God of the universe. Nothing is impossible with Him.

So, I'm asking. I'm believing. My Daddy will answer.

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1 comment:

Jenna Hodgins said...

So true. I'm asking big and believing big right here with you!

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