Friday, March 19, 2010

Irrational Fears

It was a man on the corner dressed like a giant, blue shampoo bottle, holding a sign that read, "I love Great Clips." Now my 3 year old son cannot sleep.

The fear began as soon as his little naive eyes caught a glimpse of the waving hand this afternoon. "Mommy, close your window," he insisted as we were making the turn. "Baby, he will not hurt us. He is just a man who works for the hair salon with a (very strange) costume on. No worries." But that dreaded image has followed him to bed.

So tonight while looking into his saucer-sized eyes, I gave a long dissertation of reality explaining in detail that there was nothing to fear from this humongous hair product, including the theological perspective. He finally seemed satisfied with the scene where Jesus comes dressed in His knight's costume and then cuts the shampoo bottle's head off. A little graphic, I thought, but OK.

But it made me think. How many fears do we entertain to which our heavenly Daddy looks tenderly down upon us and responds, "Sweet one, that is nothing to fear. I, the maker of heaven and earth, am with you and will never forsake you. Keep your gaze upon Me."?

Over and over He commands that we fear not. Why? How are we not to live in fear when this world seems so chaotic and tainted? We rest in the love He has for His children. We trust that nothing can enter into the lives of His own, that His hands of love have not first touched. We believe that if it crosses our paths, as His beloved sons and daughters, then it is for our ultimate good and His deserved glory.

Wow. Tough to swallow when in the deepest of valleys. But either we believe Him to be who He has proven Himself to be, or we stand on the slippery slopes of emotion.

Fear. Not.

And to that big, blue, shampoo bottle guy: you have not been easily forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

These words are so true. I hate it when the enemy slips that little foothold of fear in on us. If we allow just a crack it becomes a stronghold before we know it.
Thanks for this post...what a reminder of His faithfulness.
Holly Black

lara said...

So true, Holly. One taste of fear and we can be so tempted to let things spiral out of control--you should have seen me last night when I heard a strange (LOUD) noise in the night. It is that conscious choice to believe the truth of His character rather than riding those waves of feeling. Thanks for your comment. :)

Kelly Swanson said...

Just what I needed to hear tonight. Thank You Lara. And Thank You God.

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