Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Princess Pinkie Star

My daughter and I have GN every week or two. GN is short for "Girls' Night." We wear pink boas and paint our nails pink and eat pink fluffy foods. OK, so maybe I am exaggerating the pink thing just a touch. But we love GN.

The other night I asked my daughter what she wanted to do for our special time--our special "no boys allowed" time. She decided, "We just must watch Gigi." (For those of you not in-the-know on such things, Gigi a video and book series documenting the happenings of this young girl, also known as God's little princess.)

I popped the popcorn and we snuggled onto the sofa. But as the movie progressed I started to get a little annoyed with Miss Gigi. In this particular episode she wanted a castle just like Princess Pinkie Star--a fictional doll in this fictional plot. The castle was to be a gorgeous pink with lots of flowers and a chocolate mote--just like Princess Pinkie Star. Gigi was demanding and whiny and a bit rude.

She got exactly what she had insisted upon--in spite of what the King had originally planned. But the flowers made her sneeze. The chocolate mote brought a swarm of bees. And the bathtub was so deep she nearly drowned.

By the end she realized that the King had castle plans that He had drawn specific for her. And His plans did not bring on an allergic reaction. And her heart softened.

As I sat there, absolutely sucked into the turn of events, I realized that Gigi was me. Yep. Talk about humbling. Too often I see someone else's "castle" and I think it would be perfect for me. And I whine and kick and have a small fit. But with popcorn kernels on my shirt I realized, I don't want a swarm of bees. I want what my King has just for me.

He made you and me. He knows us perfectly. He designed us with color and depth and beauty. And His plans for you and for me are an exact fit. Why do we try to fight it?

So. I have mentally torn up Princess Pinkie Star's blueprints. And I look towards my King--worthy of trust and praise--for His hand to guide these clumsy feet.

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1 comment:

Kelly Swanson said...

Can we at least have the princess slippers?

Loved this post - favorite phrase was you talking about having popcorn on your shirt. Love that detail!

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