Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am real.
The things I write I really say to my kids.
They really respond with, "Preach it momma."
I really desire to honor my God in the mundane of day-to-day.
I really love to laugh.
I really say things like, "Get that out of your nose!"
I really battle my flesh at times.
I really have tasted the love of this God and cannot get enough.
I really need to mop my floors.
I really want to bless my man.
I really have experienced the miraculous grace of God.
I really have seen Him break strongholds that suffocate.
I really like to eat cheesy chips.
I am real.
This is me.
And my hands are pointed to the God who makes us alive.

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kelly said...

Are you really up this early? :)

Seriously, beautiful poem. Now get that out of your nose and get back to work. :)

lara said...

hahaha. And yes, I really get up early. I have to. Quiet in this house is limited. :)

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