Friday, March 5, 2010

Rise Up

How would an onlooker describe our God based upon our response to circumstance?

During an intense time of prayer with the Lord recently, this phrase kept coming to my mind, "May the church be the church." Think about it. We serve a God who defeats the power of death. He speaks and worlds come into existence. His robe fills the throne room. He is other-than.

Yet He reaches down and calls us individually--intimately--to Himself. He enters time--and years and moments--and His eyes rest upon those searching for Him. He then breathes life into these jars of clay and seals us with His own Spirit. This is the church--His bride. So how are we representing Him?

It comes natural to ride the waves of emotion--to live on what we feel from one day to the next. Believe me. I am a woman. I know the land of emotion. I have my membership card--laminated. But feelings are not truth--they are slippery and fluid. If we want the life of victory, the life of abundance, the life that reflects a mighty God--regardless of circumstance--then we must start believing that God is who He has proven Himself to be.

This is not just Sunday-talk. The church can be the church in Target, in the coffee shop, and especially in our homes--with goldfish flying past our heads and paint dried on the table. We as His bride have been given power--His power--to be more than overcomers. So do we dabble or are we diving in?

We all have brief "freak-outs"--those initial reactions to things that cross our path unexpectedly, or reactions to the building frustrations of the day. But what is our overall reflection? Would an onlooker see peace in the midst of seeming chaos? Would they see joy that rose from ashes? Would they be amazed at love and forgiveness and grace towards someone who had done the unimaginable? This is the God we serve.

May the church be the church. May we represent Him rightly--in all His fame and glory. Not only is He worthy, He has designed us in a way that no other life will fulfill. Praise Him.

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