Friday, March 26, 2010

Love Transformed

A few years ago I realized that I did not truly know how to love. I mean really love, with no strings attached and regardless of the other--love like my Savior who died on splintery wood for His enemies. So I started conversing with God. I laid my conditional love at His feet and desired it to be transformed. And He faithfully moved in.

In the past two years I have learned more about true love--unconditional, piercing love--than my thirty years prior. True love--God's love--evidences itself most vividly when someone unlovely is in our path. When we have been betrayed, mishandled, or broken and we choose to allow the immeasurable love of our Creator to shed forth onto another through our feeble hands, regardless of their return. This love passes human comprehension and frees the soul.

We cannot love like this from our emotions. It is an outflow of His love in us--an overflow of fullness. His love is love. Everything else wears the mask of cheap imitation.

Your love breaks the chains. Hands raised.

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Anonymous said...

I love you too!

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