Thursday, April 29, 2010

busted bubbles

Life distracts me. Cheesy fingertips need wiping. Exercise beckons my name. Dirty laundry crawls down the stairs on a mission for water, and maybe some soap. Superman band aids heal the inevitable scrapes and bruises. Life.

But outside of my mostly-comfortable bubble, hopelessness enslaves millions of hurting, misused people. And we can do something. You and me. Even from behind the walls of our suburban homes.

The task feels daunting. Let me rephrase. The task is daunting--impossible--if done in our own strength. But in the power of the Almighty, strongholds are broken. And God has called His children to defend the fatherless and intercede against injustice.

So today I am joining the Abolition! team in praying--warring against principalities of darkness. Specifically I am praying for the Third World Market that will be held at Westover Church this Sunday. "Father,
  • Raise awareness in the hearts of many--including myself.
  • Challenge us to give and act beyond our own capabilities.
  • Use us--use me--to set the captives free!
  • Glorify Yourself!"

We serve a very big God. He is moved with compassion. His graces reaches and lavishes those who seek after Him. Prayer moves the heavenly space.

You can borrow my pin. Go ahead and bust your bubble.

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Ed and Jenn said...

Thank you again for posting this, we all appreciate it so very much. Great to meet you today!

lara said...

Great meeting you as well, Jenn! I'm believing He did big things in the hearts of many today. Thanks for your service!

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