Monday, June 14, 2010

summer mission with my kids, part 1

I'm one of "those" moms. One who says, "There are children starving in Sudan and we are whining about wanting new toys." I admit it.

This past week, I meditated on Isaiah 58 in preparation for the class I have been teaching in a neighboring town. And the challenge arose.

Believe me, we love summer fun. In fact, I think my kids might be part fish. But I want more than just entertainment for my young ones this summer. I want more than just sun-kissed shoulders. I want to give them a taste of selflessness. I want to cause their gaze to see the real needs of others...even if just for a moment.

So when we got home one day last week, I pulled out a few magazines from various ministries. And I introduced them to some images. Images of kids that need food, that have nothing, that we--even from our suburbia--can help. And we came up with the idea.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted as the plan unfolds.

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