Thursday, July 22, 2010

i just love God

I just love God. No, seriously.

He has this way of cutting to the core and whispering Truth to those who are listening. To those who are listening. He is always moving and orchestrating and loving, all for our good and His ultimate glory. Always.

And when I choose to tune my ears to His voice, He overwhelms with intimate revival. When His child longs for Him to be ever-present and overarching, He shows up. He will show up.

He lays no claim on my agenda. He is God. I follow Him...or not. I take my piece of paper with plans for tomorrow and crumble it so that my hands can lift high in praise. As He satisfies my soul with His love, waters of joy spring up even if desert sands cover my feet.

The visible is irregardless. He remains faithful to His promises of restoration, transformation, sanctification, and one day glorification.

Come on and do a little dance of praise.

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