Monday, July 26, 2010

virtuous woman

I learned an inspiring Bible trivia fact this morning in my moments of quiet before the dailiness ensued.

In the Hebrew Bible, the book of Proverbs is placed right before the book of Ruth. (Thanks for sharing, Miss Kelly Minter!) So the description of a Proverbs 31 woman leads directly into the story of this Moabite stranger turned Savior-lineage! This really struck me since I have a "penchant toward theological nerdiness" as Minter defines.

Proverbs 31:10 begins "Who can find a virtuous woman?" followed with a detailed description of an absolutely beautiful woman of valor. A woman that tends to make the rest of us feel a tad under qualified. But keep reading.

The light bulbs go off in one's head as we read Ruth 3:11 when Boaz describes Ruth as a "virtuous woman." You know I couldn't let this go. I took my theological nerdiness to the next level even at 6 a.m. and broke out my Strong's Concordance to find that yes, indeed, this was the same Hebrew word taken from Proverbs 31. And its definition inspires me. I'll share the highlights.

Virtuous: from the Hebrew word pronounced khah'-yil (make your friends think you are really smart) means strength, power, army, valiant, influential; this word signifies a faculty or "power," the ability to effect or produce something.

A virtuous woman moves and creates. She influences with great strength of character. She is focused and purposeful. And her lovingkindness precedes her.

But this kind of character in the moments will only happen of the overflow.

Girls, we cannot conjure up this kind of virtue. We cannot be kind enough or active enough or Martha Stewart-ish enough to sustain this level of beauty. It will only be lasting as it overflows from the power of the Lord within.

As our eyes stay set on Him--His face and His ways--as our watch makes time for Him, as our minds linger vigilantly upon Him, then virtuous spills out. And rejoicing is to come. (Proverbs 31:25b)

Here's a cool thing. As we daughters of the King continue pressing into the ultimate "Kinsman-Redeemer," that description of a virtuous woman will slowly become more like looking into a mirror--sometimes a mirror with a few smudges or messy fingerprints, but a mirror nonetheless.

Keep at it friend. Keep seeking after your First Love. He is making you to be gorgeous.

How has the picture of the Proverbs 31 woman spoken to you in times past?

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