Tuesday, September 28, 2010

picture perfect

Are we not angelic in these pictures? The serene surroundings, quiet meadow, love blossoming. Perfection. (Bear with me, I have a point. And it's not self-elevation.)

But let me tell you what you cannot see. To my left, just feet away from these captured moments, is my six-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. That's right. Six-year-old. She lost her mind for a brief time and overreacted into a pool of tears.

And just inches away in my peripheral is my four-year-old crawling on top of Stacey's light screen. Crawling on top of her light screen. A professional photographer's light screen! "GET OFF!" we insisted while painting on a smile.

Then our littlest melted down because mommy wasn't holding him. He only wanted mommy. Sweet--sure--but not at that particular moment. Stacey's assistant kindly peeled him from my clothing.

No, they were not hungry. No, they were not tired. They just couldn't have what they wanted when they wanted it. And there we smiled.

I say this as a reminder.

Pictures can be deceptive.

No life is perfect. No marriage is perfect! (Believe me. God has restored ours from near devastation!) No man, or child, or family, or home is perfect. We all face trials and maneuver around whines and engage in conflict. 'Tis life.

But on the other hand, there is beauty to be savoured regardless of the circumstance. Stacey so poignantly reminded me of this point.

Regardless of the chaos, friend,
something lovely can be found if we are willing to look.

Maybe today you find yourself surrounded by "wolves" (not that my kids are wolf-like). But I am telling you, and firmly believe, that hope and joy can rise up in your spirit as you set your heart and mind on the Lover of your soul. Your Maker. The King eternal.

I say this not only because the Word declares it. But also because He has proven it in my own little life, even when I looked around and disorder defined my days.

So set your gaze towards Him. See the beauty, regardless.


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Oh, and, Stacey is my very gifted photographer friend.
You can find her online at www.StaceyHaines.com!

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