Friday, October 1, 2010

P31P, day 1, v. 10

Day 1. Proverbs 31 Project (P31P).

But there is something I don't want. I pray against the deception of legalism and self-aggrandizement.

I don't want this to become some long list of goals. An imaginary "to-do" of rights and wrongs, to be accomplished "lest I die." Said with a determined stance, hands on my hips and a relentless glare in my eyes. All I need is a cape.

That is not the heart of God.

He desires for His daughters to walk in virtue. Absolutely. But the heart behind that desire is what blesses. Out of His immeasurable love, He designed us to be most fulfilled when we walk our moments by faith.

And the overflow of that moment-by-moment walk
is this virtuous woman.

Whether our now includes a wedding band or not, whether a smile comes with ease or tears flow on a whim, whether we are living our dreams or quietly believing for more, abundance exists for me and you. In Him. Today. Regardless.

He is calling forth this virtuous woman in you. And in me. This woman. A woman who fears not and stands firm. And she lives by faith in the sovereign rule of her Maker.

She is described.

Virtuous. The word means "strength." Who can find a woman of strength? A woman who does not fold when the wind begins to blow harsh or bitter around her? A woman who affects and produces? A woman of valor?

If you find her then you have found a treasure. A treasure not measurable by earthly scales. A worth beyond tangible fortune. A value beyond the realm of Twitter and Facebook.

She is found at the feet of her Maker.

Who can find her? He can. When He looks down with those Father eyes and sees her staring up at Him. Believing. Resting. Abiding in His love.

You are she. Come forth, my sister-friend. Come forth.

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