Tuesday, November 9, 2010

celebrating the Bling

"The Jones'." The unwelcomed desire to keep up with them humbles me.

Yesterday I waited in line at my daughter's school behind a beautiful Lexus SUV. My mind wandered. The paint was a gorgeous pearly white and the windows clear of fingerprints. I assume the seats were leather and the floors free of cracker crumbs. But that is my colorful, covetous imagination. I admit that I sighed.

Then there was me. Granted I am SO blessed to have a vehicle. It is a completely paid for, 207,000 mile Toyota. I personally think it is anointed.

True, the sliding door handle does not work. So the inside door panel waits patiently in our garage, leaving an interior view of the door mechanisms. And yes, the back window is held shut with a small bungee cord. But this van rocks. That's why I named it the "Blue Bling."

But I had a brief moment where envy tempted my soul. And I was humbled.

We learn contentment in the school of thankfulness.

As the perfect competition drove away, life continued in our own little Blue Bling world. And thanksgiving eventually made its way to my lips.

The Bling sees it all. We dance here, fuss here, see sites from its windows. We pray and discuss...and use the portable potty. In many ways it's part of the family. And Lord, I truly am ever-grateful.

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