Monday, January 10, 2011

eighties crunchy hair

I had crunchy hair in the sixth grade. Mousse-drenched, hairspray-secured, eighties crunchy hair. One day a boy noticed. As I passed him on the school sidewalk, he asked if he could touch my lovely brown locks. Flattered by his adoration I said "sure."

But he pretended as if my strands gashed his hand, as if blood now gushed out of his fingers. So dramatic. Apparently he had never touched anything quite so...crunchy. And my fragile, people-pleasing spirit walked back to homeroom crushed by a stupid boy's opinion.

Twenty-five-ish years later I am blogging about it. Hmm.

Since then, the Lord has grown me in the area of worth. I went from a timid desperately self-focused tween to a confident woman who now knows and believes what my Maker declares over me.

But to be honest, the tendency still tempts me at times. If left to wander in this flesh, I can allow the words of others to affect me--especially the opinions of those most dear to my heart. Thankfully He has taught me a few things along the way.

  1. He has given me vision to see those wayward thoughts the moment they enter the scene. Unless we see them we cannot take them captive.

  2. He has taught me how to replace those thoughts with Truth. His Truth. The things He declares over me.

    "You are fearfully and wonderfully made."

    "I am listening to your every word."

    "Every concern on your heart concerns Me."

    "You are a daughter of the King. Adopted into royalty."

    The flower blooms.

photo credit - flickr photo by nosha

As His Truth washes over those withered places, hope arises. If only that young sixth-grader had known. She would have walked back to class with her crunchy head held high.

Bringing it home...

How do you allow the words of others to affect your stance?

How can we actively, practically believe what the Maker declares instead of fallen mankind?

Daniel Fast-ers...

I am praying for you, believing Him to continue to pour out wisdom and understanding. He promises to reward those who earnestly seek Him.

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