Monday, February 28, 2011

news that steals away our breath

Some days are heavy. Devastating news comes unexpected and we stand with a fractured heart that aches. Gaps that want filling. Gashes that question the Maker's hands...and His purpose.

So we weep. And with those who weep, we weep some more.

We take the broken pieces to the only One able to soothe and uphold. We lay the shards at His feet and then fall down weary from the crawl.

The clock slowly begins to move forward. People go to the store to buy milk and they laugh about the mundane. But for us, life stopped. It stopped when the darkness fell.

And we wonder if feeling will ever return to the numb places.

It's there we wait, at the only place where hope glimmers faint in the far distance. We wait in the embrace of His arms, as a Father who lifts up his child when she fears the night.

And He holds tight until we are ready to walk again.

Written in remembrance of Drew Dennison. Praying for his grieving family.

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