Friday, March 18, 2011

finding renewal in the midst of a mess

Sometimes we need to step away from the mess to gain perspective.

Our house is a mess right now. Literally. The other morning I got up for a moment of quiet before life began. And I was met with the distant sound of rushing waters.

I ran down the stairs and flipped on the light to find water shooting out from behind the refrigerator, hitting the ceiling, and running down the wall. It had formed a pool in the kitchen and soggy carpet in the adjacent rooms. I pulled out the fridge and turned off the geyser then stood there dripping. Thinking.

My man and I quickly shifted into clean-up mode, with my hair now frizzing from the unexpected shower. Insurance was called. Floors were ripped up. Duct work was replaced. And now we live in a wind tunnel waiting for everything to dry.

Life gets messy--physically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally. Some messes are monumental--like Japan's current devastation. Humbling. Some messes are just slight annoyances. But all tempt our focus. All lure us towards distraction and discontentment.

In the midst of the mess we have choice. We can choose our mind's meditation. We can choose what our hearts will believe. We can choose to see His gifts.

Sometimes we need to step away from the mess to gain perspective. To walk out onto the front porch, listen to the birds singing for spring, feel the warm sun blanket our skin, and meet Him in all His splendor. Breathing. Believing.

In that quiet space I listen to my thoughts. I take each one and compare it to His voice. If they conflict, I replace my own with Truth. I choose His perspective. I stand on His promised character. And slowly, His undefinable, unexplainable peace arises. What amazing grace.

Those who wait upon the Lord--binding to Him in faith--
will be renewed.

Isaiah 40:31 (expanded)

Bringing it home...

Where do you go to gain perspective?

How do you find His renewal in the midst of a mess?

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