Monday, March 21, 2011

wrestling against fear

Fear came for a visit this weekend, like an enemy with whom I had severed all ties--unwanted and unexpected.

My man had taken my two boys on their first camping trip, complete with tent and sleeping bags. And no cell service.

Just as dark covered my bedroom windows, my mind began feasting on "what-ifs." At first the fears were subtle, like a distant, undefinable hum. But as the evening passed they became more pronounced. More visual.

And I felt trapped in a paralyzing web.

I tried to break free with distractions like food and email. But the fears haunted.

Then wisdom hit. I got low before my Lord and laid each thought before Him. I named the fears, out-loud, one-by-one, until they all hovered in the air of our conversation. Confession, for He commands "fear not."

I then spoke His truth. I chose the truth of His character as my place of meditation and slowly my heart believed. Slowly. But certainly.

Dare my night be stolen by fear.

Soon after, my mind rested. My eyes closed. And in a moment, morning came. And all my boys? They arrived later that day with campfire memories.

Bringing it home...

Are you battling any fears?

What truths of His character could bring comfort to your "what-ifs"?

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