Tuesday, April 26, 2011

spandex alone (for goodness sake) does not a 6-pack make

I (periodically) go to the gym. It's what Kat would call one of my weekly retreats. I get a little exercise while having a little church with Lecrae streaming through my ear buds. It rejuvenates this mama-soul.

After a brief round with lunges yesterday, I glanced up and saw a gentleman wearing spandex shorts with a sweat-band around his head. (I'm just sayin'.) But he wasn't exercising. He had on the "right" workout clothes. He had paid the membership fees. He even made it to the gym. But he spent his time leaning and chatting and drinking a smoothie, while those 6-pack abs lingered in the dark abyss of future workouts.

What a warning for us in living spandex color.

We could wear all the right "Christian" clothes, pay our tithes and give to the needy. We could wake up early and be at the church every time the doors opened. But if we stand passive on the sidelines, we miss the point.

This Christian life is meant to be active, because passive living leads to bondage.

Our call is to fight the fight of faith.

Take every thought captive to obedience.

Run with endurance the race set before us.

Wrestle against principalities of darkness.

Meditate on true things.

Pursue love.

Die daily to self.


We cannot coast through these brief days and expect to stay spiritually fit. Faith is active. It works itself out through our choices.

So let's get that spandex on--or not--and then move about our minutes with purpose. Victory awaits.

Bringing it home...

How do you build your "faith muscles"?

What other action verbs to you see in the scriptures?

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