Sunday, April 24, 2011

two angels now sat instead of hovered

Two now sat instead of hovered. For nearly one thousand years two cherubim of gold hovered over the ends of the mercy seat. Facing one another with wings touching, covering that seat of sacrifice while looking on the yearly blood. (see Exodus 25:17-22) But now their wings rested.

When Mary peered into the tomb, two angels sat--one where Jesus' head had been, the other his feet. No longer were the cherubim covering that bloody sin sacrifice. They too declared with their posture, "It is finished."

The final sacrifice had been made. The debt paid with Jesus' unblemished body and blood. Redemption purchased. For me. For you.

Then He defeated death--that final foe.

He overcame. He arose. He looked death in the eye and crushed its power. In full supremacy. He. is. alive!

And He will come again.

One of these days the Father will look to his son and declare to the heavenlies with holy authority, "It. Is. Time." The feast will be ready. The trumpets will shout. The angels will gather in rejoicing. And those who knew him as Lord will meet him in the sky.

The story is not over. In some ways, it is just beginning. He is risen. And He will come again. Hallelujah.

Bringing it home...

One question. Do you know Him?

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