Friday, May 20, 2011

an adoption story

New life begins to grow inside her, along with strangling fears. Another mouth to feed. Another child to raise from girl to woman. The future seems complicated. Uncontrolled. Worries wake her as an unfamiliar pain grips her mama-heart.

The stars outside fall into place as usual. The sun sets and the moon lights, bright on that African plain. In the quiet she does all she knows to do. She whispers a prayer to Him. Her God. The listening One. The able One. The willing One.

She asks for a family who seeks Him--one who knows Him and loves Him and teaches Him. A family who will carve out a space for this precious one soon to be birthed oceans away. Tears and hope begin to mix together on that warm night. Tears with the thought of letting go. Hope with the thought of love lavished on her new one.

As her faith prayer is breathed, He answers. Miles away He begins planting seeds of desire in the chosen family. Seeds that He confirms and confirms, over and over. Seeds that soon sprout above the soil, green and tender. And a little uncertain.

Months go by. The desires grows strong and sure. The path lays straight before them. Until that day when this new one unites with those chosen for her. Chosen by Him. Joy erupts with first touches.

That mama may never know. That mama may never hear. But that mama's prayer was answered. Faithfully. Her victory will come in the believing.

This post written in awe as I have watched our God work adoption into a family I hold dear. Love. Love.

Bringing it home...

How does the thought of this mama's answered prayer encourage you?

Do you have an adoption story to share?

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