Tuesday, May 10, 2011

infusing hope: four things to remember {2}

There exists a space between his promises and their fulfillment. More often than not this gap marks our trail of life. And we have a call in this meantime.

{number 2}

We remember. Walk forward by faith.

We keep our eyes set firm on his promises. Whether overarching or an intimately spoken promise, if he said it then it will come to pass.

The trail may get rocky or thick with brush. The path may seem dark at times. But our call is this walk of faith--putting one foot in front of the other, moving towards that "promised land."

In doing so, we are sanctified.

We may not know what's around the next bend, but we know where we are heading--towards his promises fulfilled. So keep walking, my friend. Keep walking.

Bringing it home...

What promises of God do you hang onto as you walk your own life journey?

How do you purposefully keep walking towards those promises?

For those who have more time, read Joshua 1:10-11, 16. How does Joshua's response to God's speaking infuse hope and courage to your own heart?

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