Monday, May 12, 2008

The Blue Bling

Wow, I am actually blogging. Is that even a word? I decided to start my own blog because there are just moments in life that need to be documented. For instance, a few months ago a major event happened in our family: we bought a mini-van.

This might not be a big deal for many of you, but for me it was serious business. Since high school I had always declared that I would never drive a mini-van. No offense to you mini-van moms to-the-core. But being pregnant with my 3rd child forced us into this vehicular decision.

As I was driving this used van around town for the first time--which I affectionately named "the Blue Bling"--I had my moment. Was there any way I could still be hip--or at least think I was hip--while driving a mini? Deep would be a tough calling.

But now I must admit, with three kids and three car seats, I kinda like this reliable, fully-paid-for Toyota. We have our portable potty and carpeted floor, so in many ways it is our traveling home--I just need a fridge. I do not get many looks of admiration as I drive down the road, but that is OK. I have been humbled.

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